Scalise Warns It’s a ‘Slippery Slope’ to Blame Others for Mass Shootings: ‘The Shooter Is Responsible’

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) called out those blaming their political opponents for the recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

Last week, two major mass shootings took place in the United States. A gunman in El Paso, Texas killed 22 people in a Walmart while the gunman in Dayton, Ohio killed nine.

The El Paso shooter was a self-identified white supremacist who targeted the El Paso Walmart because he wanted to kill Mexican Americans. The gunman in Dayton had vocalized his empathy for Antifa terrorists and signaled his support for Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s (D-Mass.) presidential bid.

Although the two gunmen came from opposite sides of the political spectrum, Scalise warned against those trying to pin blame on their political opponents for the actions of the two mass murders.

During an interview on “Face the Nation,” Scalise said it’s a “slippery slope” to place blame on anyone but the gunmen.

Watch Scalise’s comments:

“Well, first of all, my heart breaks as everybody’s does when you see what happened. There’s no place for it, whether it’s somebody that’s racist, that hates a certain ethnic group, there is no place for those kind of attacks and attacking people based on their ethnicity. But to try to assign blame to somebody else, I think, is a very slippery slope because the president’s no more responsible for that shooting, as your next guest, Bernie Sanders, is for my shooting. And he’s not, by the way, responsible. The shooter is responsible.

What we need to do is find out, those people that have slipped through cracks. And we’ve seen it in shooting after shooting: Sutherland Springs, Charleston, even in Dayton. He had a hit list and rape list and yet none of that was in the system. Let’s make sure these background check systems work properly and are rooting out the people that shouldn’t be able to legally purchase a gun and currently are because the system hasn’t worked.”

Scalise also called out the 2020 candidates that seem to be using these shootings to separate themselves from President Donald Trump to bolster their presidential bids.

“I know they’re running for president and they might not like Donald Trump’s views, but stop this ridiculous assessment of blame to somebody other than the person who is responsible,” Scalise said.

What do you think?

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Ron and Meano, You guys are on to something. Let’s have universal background checks before issuing driver licenses. Let’s regulate the buying/selling/trading of cars. No more “gifting” or selling cars to relatives or friends. Such things must take place at a licensed dealer and pass background checks. Further the questions “are you a citizen”, “do you use drugs”, and “have you ever been adjudged mentally unstable” should be required in ALL license applications. Your gasoline purchases will be limited to so many gallons per visit. In CA you’ll need a separate background check for that. Driving is mentioned no where… Read more »


Also to the Confused Mess,

Your side is immature and prone to fantasy. You want to blame Trump for creating weather disasters. Rational people would fear invoking his wrath if that were true. F with Trump and he’ll wreck your entire region.

Same goes for earthquakes, in which case the entire Left Coast should be shaking in fear.

You blame the US for causing Venezuela and other failed states. Really? If you can fail a state then why not take it over and exploit it for all it’s worth? That’s what kings do.


Contused One,

Why hasn’t King Donald had you jailed or beheaded yet?

So Trump motivated the Congressional Softball shooter (he was a Bernie supporter) and the Dayton shooter (an Antifa member and Liz Warren supporter). Suppose you were not completely wrong. If Trump were such a master of reverse psychology, he’d tell everyone to vote for any one of the losers currently competing in the Dim primaries.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Chief Fullabull won the candidacy? How about the dirt-eating furry Beta? Trump would kick their asses.



The TDS sufferers and MSM are self-contusing. This makes them incredibly easy to troll, not unlike my saying “ball” or “walkies” to my dog.

Jess Sain
Jess Sain

I’m going to have to go with Steve on this one as he was shot up by a violent liberal DEMOCRAT. I also read that more people were killed by texting/drunk/inattentive drivers than all our wars. There is NO constitutional right to own a car…..we should ban them.

General Confusion

“Indirectly, these “shooters” are carrying out a directive that Trump is subliminally inferring” Lynne

Correct, but the term that you are looking for is “stochastic terrorism”. Look it up.

King Donald The Loser can say a few pointed words of nonsense and it will set somebody off who will do terrible things to innocent people. He can say, “I didn’t say for him to go do those terrible things” with impunity, but they will happen randomly nevertheless. We see you King Donald!

He did the same thing in his business life according to Michael Cohen’s sworn testimony.


Thank you Steve Scalise.


IJR, could you please fix this web site. If there is more than one reply to a comment, only one of them will open. “Load More Comments” doesn’t work either. You can click on it until you drop dead and it won’t load more comments. Thanks

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