‘He Won’t Fare Too Well Here’: Scalise Warns Schumer Against Another Failed Shutdown

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) didn’t pull any punches in his warning to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) against shutting down the government again.

Republicans must work with Senate Democrats to approve the final appropriations bills for the upcoming year. Although most of the government has already been funded, Congress still has to approve a few final appropriations bills, including one related to border security.

Because these are spending bills that are not tax-neutral, Republicans need 60 votes in the Senate to pass the bill.

As IJR previously reported, President Donald Trump said that he would be “proud” to shut down the government if it meant that the border would be secure. Schumer, on the other hand, doesn’t want to increase wall funding.

In fact, he referred to the president’s shutdown ultimatum as a “temper tantrum,” as noted by IJR Blue.

Although Schumer may just think that Trump is having a “tantrum,” Republicans know that they have Schumer in an awkward position. The last time Schumer shut down the government, it lasted three days and Democrats got steamrolled.

President Trump called Schumer out for this during their White House meeting, saying, “You don’t want to shut down the government because the last time you shut it down, you got killed.”

Republicans, including Majority Whip Scalise, are sticking to that script. During an interview with Fox News, Scalise reiterated the president’s message to Schumer.


“I think you saw Chuck Schumer having another one of his tantrums. You know, there was a Schumer shutdown not too long ago and he didn’t fare too well from that. And he won’t fare too well here again. He’s saying he wants to deny the president the ability to build the wall. The president ran on securing America’s border. This fight is about securing America’s border, not just the wall.”

Scalise noted that migration isn’t the only problem that needs to be addressed at the southern border, as there is also a problem with drug trafficking and human trafficking.

It isn’t yet clear if either side will fold to the pressure. The final appropriations bills must be voted on by the end of the day Friday to avoid the shutdown.

Correction [12/18/18, 2:51 p.m. ET]: Previously, this story inaccurately labeled Schumer as the Senate majority leader. We have corrected the error.

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I have to say that I fell on very hard times and was forced to apply for food stamps (EBT). It was very demoralizing for me, but I noticed most others had a sense of entitlement. That said, a good fifty percent of the people in there didn’t speak English (just an observation). I’m guessing that what is left of middle-class America pays for these benefits. American taxpayers cannot afford the onslaught of ILLEGAL immigrants coming to this country expecting….demanding….’free stuff’.

Patti Harrison

Shut down the government Mr. President, shut it down and give us border security as I live in Tucson, most people making these comments have no clue what its like living with illegals who have no respect for our country and freedoms!


small quibble. Chuck U. Shmuck is NOT majority leader. A Dim majority senate would be a very bad thing.

Ulla Camp

Please BUILD that WALL Mr. President, and SHUT down the government if it means that is what it will take…
We the people NEED to be able to live without the constant threat of ILLEGAL migrants, who does NOT value America any more than they did the country they came from………….
Because if they valued what they had, they would try to fix it instead of trying to “rape” our country……….


Trump should have played hardball with Schumer. Say Senator, if you want funding for that new tunnel under the Hudson because others are falling apart, you’d better get the Texans on board. Right now, you’re not trying when you hold up the border wall.

Barbara Shealy

If the Republicans CAVE again and go with a continuing resolution, they are DEAD to us — two years they’ve had control of all three branches, and they’ve done bupkus with it! Really, McConnell — get with the program quick!


I am so embarrassed to be living in New York State. Please realize that most of us north of Albany support our president.

Oscar Williams

And he’s picking their political pockets too! God Bless President Trump! god Bless America!

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