Joe Scarborough: ‘Donald Trump Is on Track to Be the Worst President in Modern Times’

Joe Scarborough

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said he’s done with trying to give President Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt and hoping for him to do better.

The former Congressman left the Republican Party in 2017 after Trump took office, but the host explained on his show Wednesday morning it was “less over Donald Trump than over the fact that every elected official in the GOP has bowed and scraped at Donald Trump.”

Scarborough went on and contradicted most GOP leadership. “When in fact, objectively, Donald Trump is on track to be the worst president in modern times and perhaps ever.”

Scarborough cited the ongoing Mueller investigation, rash national security decisions and refusal to make legislative compromises in the past week as some of the reasons why he’s given up on the president.

“The days of waiting for this president to change how he operates and the days of hoping that he can somehow achieve more and do better, those days are behind us,” he said. “2019 is going to be far different.”

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But Scarborough believes he’s not alone in his thinking. He pointed out how usual allies of Trump have recently expressed their concern. “They’re worried about the impact that his behavior will have on the real lives of real people all over America.”

The MSNBC host’s criticism of Trump is not surprising. Scarborough frequently bashes the president and his policies on his morning show. But Scarborough this time placed his assessment of the president in a historical contest, saying he could beat out James Buchanan as the worst president in American history.

Scarborough isn’t the only former politician to have this sentiment. Former Secretary of State John Kerry expressed what he believed Trump’s place in history is after the New York Times anonymous op-ed was released earlier this year.

“It scares the hell out of me,” Kerry said on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” at the time. “First of all, there is a reassurance — it means that for James Buchanan, he’s no longer the worst president.”

Watch the video below:

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Actuality President Obama holds that position.


Joe Scarborough has achieved the level of worst “fake news” commentator EVER!


Someone sounds bitter that his horse lost the race. Or, he suffers from a memory problem. Though, I can’t say anything negative about the man, everyone agrees that Jimmy Carter was a very ineffective president. Bill Clinton signed the bills that allowed for people to buy houses way out of their financial range which caused countless people to lose their homes during the recession. Don’t get me started on Obama, who was awesome for everyone else in the world, but home. Trump is looking good!

Patti Harrison

The msnbc anchor is truly a loser of a person, the the whole station is truly a waste of time, does anyone still watch it! Besides, Obama will go down as the worst president ever!!!


The worst President for whom? Certainly not for the people who had been out of work and who are now gainfully employed; or those of us who have to pay less federal taxes; or those who believe that U.S. citizens should be protected from foreign “invaders” by not having open borders; or that we should be proud of our country and continue to be the “best that we can ” unapologetically; …

Curt Haas

OBAMA!!!!! WORST EVER….Liberal bullshit will never change that factoid!!!


Just STFU Joe!


Where’s Waldo star, Joe Scarborough, is still ticked off that he and stone face Mika can never get into Mir a Lago ever again. In an effort to hear both sides I watched his show…..decided that I was missing nothing by avoiding it. What a mean spirited hateful duo.





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