Schiff Loses It at the Idea of Trump’s Reelection: ‘I Don’t Think This Country Could Survive Another 4 Years’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff claimed that America could not “survive” another four years under President Donald Trump.

During an interview on “ABC This Week,” Schiff told host George Stephanopoulos that he believes the reelection of President Donald Trump could be detrimental to the United States. He said that the president “has to” lose to protect the “democratic institutions” of the country.


“[Trump’s reelection is] not going to happen. I don’t think this country could survive another 4 years with a president like this who gets up every day trying to find new and inventive ways to divide us. He doesn’t seem to understand that a fundamental aspect of his job is to try and make us a more perfect union, but that’s not at all where he’s coming from. He’s going to be defeated. He has to be defeated because I don’t know how much more our democratic institutions can take of this kind of attack on the rule of law.”

While Schiff may think Trump is detrimental to the United States, the president’s record doesn’t seem to show it.

Under President Trump, the economy is thriving. Nearly every subset of the economy — including women, veterans, Hispanic Americans, and Black Americans — have witnessed historically low unemployment rates. The average wages for these workers has also increased.

With the Opportunity Zone project, the Trump administration has ensured that the economic successes the United States are seeing at-large are witnessed in low-income, inner-city neighborhoods, as well.

Outside of the economy, President Trump has taken steps to ensure that America is a more just country by passing prison reforms to help non-violent criminals spend less time behind bars and have a smooth re-entry into society.

Beyond that, ISIS has been largely defeated, American prisoners have been released from North Korea, and President Trump delivered on the long-running promise to return the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

It looks as though America might survive the first four years of the Trump administration. It’s unclear why Schiff doesn’t think it couldn’t survive four more.


  1. I love how President Trump “wakes up every morning trying to find new and creative ways to divide” this country…… What. the. Actual. F*ck.

    I’ll bet he doesn’t. The Left has lost their ever-loving minds.

  2. About that collusion that’s in “Plain Sight” …….I can’t seem to find any in plain sight……do you need night vision glasses or rose-colored glasses to see it? Or could it be you’re just a failed deep-state liar? Burbank is a clean, conservative city….we don’t want you ….you’re not “Welcome here” as Mad Max would say.

  3. Do you plan to move to Canada? Have you ever looked in the mirror? With your eyes you are mire scary than Lucifer in make up, you have that Bates motel slasher look also. You need a session like Lucifer to get that hate out of your mind as it has warped it. As impeachment you don’t have the votes and if you think you do you are playing with not a crisis but a civil war!

  4. Who on earth would give credence to this habitual liar?
    For over two years, he swore, that he had actual proof of collusion.
    Shut up Adam. The facts are against you, always.

  5. Just another example of the idiots Trump has to put up with the more they talk the more we like Trump

  6. I don’t think we can Handel the behavior of the Democrats because of Trump if he is elected again.

  7. Schiff is looking and acting more and more like Andy Kaufman every day. The thing is, at least Kaufman was making it up as a comedy skit. Schiff is serious. He and Pelosi belong in straight jackets. Their type of babbling belongs in an institution.

  8. FAG boy Schiff spewing his BS ,,, Again. Go back into the closet Pansy or you will be facing the American People who elected President Trump !!!

  9. America is Great Again, thanks to President Donald Trump. We all are great again and will be for the next four years and very probably for another 10 or 14 years more. We should hope for a Republican Government forever and ever. America is not socialist and will never be. We hope to have 9 conservative justices and all the federal district courts, for that we need conservative government for the next 20 years.

  10. Obama was the great divider, and set us back 50 years on division and then there was Hillary with her Deplorables comment, yeah that sounds like a person who is all about bringing people together by calling them names because they don’t support you but you want to be their President and tax them without representing them. Dems need another history lesson of what happened the last time people had taxation without representation.

  11. Trying to divide us? Before Obama, there was no BLM, before Obama there was no ISIS, before Obama there was no Antifa along with a multitude of other groups and illegals that have caused great divides due to Obama and the communist Dems. When Obama won re-election, Valerie Jarrett stood on a stage and said. “Those that helped us win will be rewarded and those against us is payback time. In other words, those that didn’t support or vote for Obama.

  12. One thing is for sure, this country will not survive 4 years if any of the demoncrap presidential candidates were to get elected or if the they get control of the Senate or retain control of the House.

  13. Hey S–ty Schiff, we survived 4 years of your boy Obuma. Now we have a Pres who is making all of us some money, unlike your boy Obuma and his dummy college boys. You are just unhappy that you’ll could not get crooked hillary elected.

  14. Shiffless has foot and mouth disease, every time he opens his mouth, he sticks his foot in his mouth.
    The one thing about liberals is that they have no ability to rationalize. They do not know but one side.and cannot consider anything, else their mind is so stupid they do not recognize and thought other than their own.

  15. YOU DUMB AND STUPID DEMONCRAPS….It’s okay to you that we had a foreign born un-American, American hater to screw up the country and you love it, but you hate an American born true American fixing up the screw ups that niqqer did…..get your heads examined….

  16. fortunately, it survived 8 years under a muslim race baiter, and phony president, obama. the world at large wondered how he ever got elected to one term, let alone two. this sham of a president, lives with a another man, michael, had two phony daughters, i call wives, and lied just about everything. and then you have clinton, another winner sor sure. these demon-rats had best pack all their stolen money, and get ready to take a very long vacation, or they might just end up on a noose.

  17. America will survive just fine under President Trump. With weirdos like Schiff in power, we would not last long. Maybe after Trump wins in 2020, Schiff will decide to leave, but that’s only wishful thinking on my part. The Democrats a really suffering from TDS.

  18. Wrong again Schiff. Trump has tomwin to protect us from you and your fellow dems destroying our country. Nobody is complaining about this country because it’s thriving. Jobs and wages are growing for all demographics. The USA is back to being a leader again and not a follower. You forget Mr. Schiff that we had to put up with eight years of being told by our president that America sucked and kowtowing to other nations. Under president Trump, America’s interests come first

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