Schiff Gets Hit With Four Pinocchios for His Claim That He Never Met With the Whistleblower

Adam Schiff
Joshua Roberts/File Photo/Reuters

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is getting slapped with “Four Pinocchios” by The Washington Post over his claim that he never met with the whistleblower surrounding the Ukraine controversy.

Schiff found himself in hot water after The New York Times reported on Wednesday that he had learned about the whistleblower’s concerns regarding President Donald Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president prior to when the report was filed. The complaint sparked the House speaker to launch a formal impeachment inquiry into the president.

Schiff’s office pushed back on the report, as his spokesperson said, “Like other whistleblowers have done before and since under Republican and Democratic-controlled committees, the whistleblower contacted the committee for guidance on how to report possible wrongdoing within the jurisdiction of the intelligence community.”

The Democratic lawmaker also said in a tweet on Wednesday that the Intelligence Committee only offers up advise “when a whistleblower seeks guidance.”

However, the Post tore into Schiff’s “false claim” that he “had not spoken to the whistleblower.”

“We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower,” Schiff said during an MSNBC interview on September 17, adding, “We would like to.”

Schiff was given the four Pinocchios for being “disingenuous in his remarks to reporters to obscure his firsthand knowledge of what took place.” The Post wrote:

“In his own letter that day, Schiff wrote that because of that language, and because the DNI [Director of National Intelligence] refused to affirm or deny that White House officials were involved in the decision not to forward the complaint, the committee can conclude only that ‘the serious misconduct involves the president of the United States and/or other senior White House or administration officials.’

Our suspicion is that the unidentified staff member learned the potential complaint involved ‘privileged’ communication, which is code for something having to do with the president.”

Schiff’s comment during the MSNBC interview that he had “not spoken directly with the whistleblower” was also deemed “flat-out false” by the Post.

The Post concluded in giving Schiff “Four Pinocchios”:

“He now says he’s was answering the wrong question, but if that was the case, he should have quickly corrected the record. He compounded his falsehood by telling reporters a few days later that if not for the IG’s office, the committee would not have known about the complaint. That again suggested there had been no prior communication.

The explanation that Schiff was not sure it was the same whistleblower especially strains credulity.”

Adam Schiff
Brendan McDermid/Reuters

As IJR previously reported, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) suggested Schiff step down from his position on the Intelligence Committee.

“Adam Schiff has proven, from this point here, he has no credibility,” McCarthy told Fox News, adding, “He has no credibility to be a chairman and he has no right to be the prosecutor in this case.”

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LMFAO at the Genitally Confused One, while insulting James, you offer up no facts that dispute his points.

Considering that Shiff denied any contact with the whistleblower, then we find out that the WB was the first one he sought out! What a Fing liar!!

When will YOU learn??? Never!!! You’re the loser F-wit!!!!!

General Confusion

You are confused, Confused James.

We real Americans stand up to fascism with the Constitution in our hands. Based on his own actions, King Donald The Loser has never read it nor understood it.

And you still have no idea what you are talking about and have no interest in learning.

General Confusion

“Is there an ay question a “whistleblower” may not even exist? That HATE-Trump Schiff wrote or helped write the “whistleblower” report? That the HATE-Trump MSM possibly colluded with Schiff? Have read the “whistleblower” is a HATE-Trump registered DemocRAT who donated to Hillary.” Confused James The very act of you having to ask these questions shows how confused you are. You are being played. You have ALWAYS been played by King Donald The Loser and FOX. This is what they do. KDTL just makes shit up for you to inhale. And you do – EVERY TIME – because you have no… Read more »


Boo-hoo Schiffty. You’re a liar and a parody of a Congressional rep. We already knew that.

Let’s hope efforts to unseat you are successful. You are dishonest, incompetent, and completely partisan.


Is there any question a “whistleblower” may not even exist? That HATE-Trump Schiff wrote or helped write the “whistleblower” report? That the HATE-Trump MSM possibly colluded with Schiff? Have read the “whistleblower” is a HATE-Trump registered DemocRAT who donated to Hillary.





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