Schiff Says Trump Doesn’t ‘Give a Sh*t’ About What’s Best for America

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) says he doesn’t hate President Donald Trump, but he does hate “what he’s doing,” in an interview with the New Yorker’s Susan Glasser.

Shortly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) denied that she hates Trump or that impeachment was driven by anything other than the facts, Schiff sat down with Glasser to discuss the impeachment inquiry.

When Glasser asked if Schiff hates the president, he said he doesn’t like what Trump is doing to the country.

“No. but I do hate what he is doing to the country.”

While Pelosi maintained that “the facts are uncontested” in the case against Trump, Schiff notes that Trump and his supporters are launching an “attack on truth” by raising questions about what hours of depositions and hearings have proven about the president’s conduct.

“This attack on truth has always seemed to me the most corrosive to our democracy, the idea that there’s no such thing as fact anymore. Given you have witnesses, [who] say there was a quid pro quo, and then members [who] hear that would say, ‘no one is saying there is a quid pro quo.’ It’s, like, Did you just hear what the witness said?”

Schiff attacked Jonathan Turley, the lone witness in the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing this week to argue against impeachment, over his record defending a judge in a 2010 impeachment trial. The judge was impeached and convicted, which led Schiff to question Turley’s track record.

“And on all four counts, the judge was convicted, and on all four Turley said there was no impeachable crime here, so his track record is less than perfect.”

He also slammed Turley for arguing that Trump’s decision to take Congressional subpoenas to the Supreme Court does not constitute obstruction of Congress.

“What Turley is arguing on behalf of the Administration is you should allow the President’s obstruction to succeed. And that’s not a particularly powerful argument when the President continues to solicit foreign interference in our election,” Schiff said, adding, “You could not have a more open-and-shut case of obstruction of Congress.”

Schiff admitted that there could be more evidence to be gleaned in the impeachment case, one of the reasons Turley has advocated against impeachment, “there may very well be a great body of evidence at the trial that’s not available to us today.”

But, citing concerns about the integrity of the upcoming presidential election, Schiff defended the pace of impeachment.

“They made it clear, ‘No, you subpoena [John] Bolton, he’s going to sue you, and this will be tied up indefinitely in the courts.’ The long and the short of it is, though, given that the President is today trying to get foreign interference in the next election to help him, we do not feel that, when we already have overwhelming evidence, we should wait any longer.”

At the end of the interview, Schiff suggested that Trump only cares about “what’s in it for him personally.”

“The President doesn’t give a sh*t about what’s good for our country, what’s good for Ukraine. It’s all about what’s in it for him personally and for his re-election campaign.”

The House Judiciary Committee could draft articles of impeachment and recommend them to the full House as early as December 12.

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contusion-“Everything that you just accused the Democrats of doing the American Fascist Party had already done.” Please give a REAL example of what you are saying, not some made up conspiracy theory that you do so well. Still standing behind your BS comment about not calling people names?


Contusion-“I am really curious what your Plan B is for when King Donald The Loser gets deposed.” Well, we all KNOW what your plan Z is when he gets re-elected. The prog/left/lib/dims, like yourself, will just make something else up and waste taxpayers dollars while accomplishing NOTHING.

General Confusion

“Yes Confusion you have the correct ID name there is no confusion about the Mueller report. You General Confusion just want to interpret the report different then Mueller said (stated) in front of Congress ‘there was not enough evident to prove the President obstructed.’” Peter Taylor You are confused, Peter. Everything was going along smoothly until Mueller had his little secret powwow with A.G. Barr, in March. Mueller left any FURTHER investigation up to the people really in charge, Congress members, but just because they cowardly failed to do their duty doesn’t mean that King Donald The Loser was in… Read more »

Teresa DeBerardinis Huggins

Schiff doesn’t give a shit about anything! Especially America. A lying, despicable POS is what he is. Let it be known Adamn Schiff, the truth will come out. And you will be wearing the shit on your face. We Americans see right thru your crap…. we are not the dumb, smelly walmart shoppers you all think we are….

Ron Pauly

The Democrats care more about being in power than they do about the country. They are damaging the system. what if all the Republicans followed they’re lead and don’t accept the results of any elections the Democrats win. And have the shame of an Impeachment like what is going on now.
Lots of stuff out of the rules for radicals playbook being used right now.Socialists/communists are what the Democrats are. Bring down the system by overloading it.


Let’s see, manufacturing is coming back, unemployment lowest in 50 years, GDP is up, NATO countries are beginning to pay “their fair share”, Trump is starting to pull us out of “endless” wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan, he renegotiated better trade deals with Mexico and Canada, he’s getting China to the trade negotiation table and forcing China to stop stealing our trade secrets, he’s negotiating with North Korea, he supports our veterans and has worked to clean up the VA, he’s strengthened our military, he’s trying to get Congress to clean up the immigration laws, building the wall,… Read more »

Sandra Jenkins

What a spineless hypocrite. Aren’t all the Dems doing this for the election? He makes me puke. Investigate the pile of Schiff and his little Mini Me Swalwell.


Here’s a politician so oily
he’s served with a doily.
Put him on a bun.
You never know when he’s going to run.

Maybe it’s time for Soylent Greening the deadwood in Congress (both houses) for the poor, stupid, hapless, and homeless. It’s sustainable. Plus it saves paying benefits to the rent-seekers.





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