Schiff Uses Personal Experience to Call out Trump Hypocrisy Over Cursing: ‘He’s in No Position to Complain’

Adam Schiff

President Donald Trump fired back at freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib this week after she called the president a profane name in a speech Thursday. But Rep. Adam Schiff reminded Trump that recently, the president used profanity himself as an insult.

“Don’t you ever, ever, let anybody take away your roots, your culture, who you are. Ever,” Tlaib told a crowd at a reception Thursday night. “Because when you [hang onto those things], people love you and you win. And when your son looks at you and says, ‘Mama, look. You won. Bullies don’t win.'”

“And I said, ‘Baby, they don’t,’ because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherf*****.”

Watch the video below:

The president heard about the profane cry for his removal and questioned Tlaib’s character at a news conference the next day:

“I thought her comments were disgraceful. This is a person that I don’t know, I assume she’s new, I think she dishonored herself and I think she dishonored her family. Using language like that in front of her son and whoever else was there––I thought that was a great dishonor to her and her family. I thought it was highly disrespectful to the United States of America.”

This response raised eyebrows for many, especially since the president is known for using foul language of his own (remember the “locker room talk” in the Access Hollywood tape?).

Notably, Rep. Adam Schiff called out the president, citing a recent experience where Trump used a curse word to publically insult him.

Trump purposely misspelled the congressman’s last name, calling him “little Adam Schitt” in a November tweet.

Schiff was quick to bring up the recent past. “He’s in no position to complain about coarse language,” he tweeted Sunday.

The California congressman repeated the sentiment on CNN:

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I might be developing a case of SDS, Schiff Derangement Syndrome. I admit it. I’ll say no more for now, and won’t take time to enumerate the adolescent acts and shallow bouts with fairness his daily myopia offers up, as such would belabor the obvious. “I’m in a unique position” he says. Yes you are, you MF’ing pinhead – caput tuum usque asinus tuus.


“Don’t you ever, ever, let anybody take away your roots, your culture, who you are. Ever,” So Rashida is saying that the public use of profanity is normal and expected for her culture.

I’ll buy that. After 70 years of being “victims” that’s a perfect summary of Palestinian intellect and achievement.


But…you ARE a Schitt. Just as much as Trump IS a motherfucker (he’s had relations with women who’ve borne children).

Yet NORMAL people don’t talk about these things, especially when serving in an official capacity.

Rocky Drummond

Dick Cheney yelled at Senator Leahy (D-VT) ON THE SENATE FLOOR, to go füçk himself over a political disagreement. He said in a 2010 interview that “It’s “one of my favorite stories”, “You’d be surprised how many people liked that,” he told Dennis Miller. “It’s sort of the best thing I ever did.”





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