Ocasio-Cortez Thinks Amazon’s Development in Her District Is a Bad Thing ― A CEO Explains Why She Is Wrong

On Tuesday, Congresswoman-elect Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez (D-N.Y.) announced her outrage at Amazon’s development near her district — finance expert Eric Schiffer claims she “misunderstands” the positive effects this move could have on her neighborhood.

In her rant about Amazon, Ocasio-Cortez explained that she felt “outrage” when she learned of the tech giant’s plans to invest in Queens.

She expressed concern about the tax breaks given to the company in choosing her neighborhood and her fear that rising property values could force low-income families out of the area.

She also demanded that Amazon look into providing affordable rent in the area, though she didn’t explain why or how the tech giant should do that.

Schiffer is a financial and branding expert, as well as the CEO of two companies, Patriarch Organization, and Reputation Management Consultants. He explained that Ocasio-Cortez is doing her future constituents a disservice by expressing her “outrage” toward Amazon.

In a statement to IJR, Schiffer slammed Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist ideals, saying:

“No one in Ocasio-Cortez’s district lucky enough to either get a job or a better paying job is ‘outraged.’ The only rational outrage comes from those who want to see more jobs in the community but are seeing them shunned by their representative’s ideals which are a threat to the survival of capitalism.

Ocasio-Cortez horribly misunderstands that her district faces a competitive environment and that cites must compete within a capitalist society, unlike socialism where the concept of competition is doused with rat poison and eviscerated.”

Schiffer specifically questioned her claim that Amazon should be providing affordable housing to the neighborhood, saying:

“Politicians that suggest corporations must provide affordable rent to employees should be met with skepticism by the voting public. This is not America, it’s gangster-style socialism.”

Schiffer explained that Ocasio-Cortez spoke without fully understanding the impact the investment could have on her constituents.

“Ocasio-Cortez uses the concept of worker displacement likes it’s ordained. How does she know that? What if it means a higher quality of community development with higher wages?

Again, in a capitalist society, adding jobs that may not all be working class in nature doesn’t have to mean that you must ‘shuffle out’ working class people. In fact, the richer resources brought to bear could, in fact, improve the quality of life for working-class people.”

Although Ocasio-Cortez may think she is defending her constituents by slamming the billion dollar investment into Queens, she may have a harder time explaining her concern when Amazon’s doors open and 25,000 new jobs begin.


  1. to afford the DC apartment her job will require. I know where I’d put my money.

    One more thing, O-C, you bucktoothed ninny. Jobs generated in the local economy will expand the taxbase. Not just the Amazon employees (they aren’t getting the tax break) but jobs as a result.

    Contractors building the new HQ, utilities, support staff, even janitorial services. There are these things called jobs vs. government handouts.

  2. Amazon decided on this location because NY state decided to cut the tax breaksj. O-C should be shouting at the Dims who run the state.

    Seattle and NYC are uber-expensive places to live, but exciting for their proximity to those things young people love (restaurants, culture, etc.) These people, if not the company, will be paying into the local taxbase. They will patronize local businesses and services. It’s an economic win-win.

    Hmm. Successful CEO vs. bobblehead who can’t plan ahead

  3. She doesnt understand capitalism. She believes that if a company moves in then they should hire all the locals, provide housing and subsides. This is pure socialism. Her constituents are going to regret their vote

  4. Amazon, come to Alabama we will welcome you, BTW it is warmer in Alabama than NYC and lot more friendly.

    1. Hugh, Amazon rejected a place that is warmer than Alabama. Land that does not have building that have to be torn down to build their facility. An infrastructure that is not “crumbling”. No state (personal) income tax. Has right to work. But chose NYC so that Amazon management will have Broadway shows to go to.

  5. “This is not America, it’s gangster-style socialism.”

    BS! When I was young, I lived in a company town purpose-built for the employees. This was common practice, in the past. Richmond, California is a well known (infamous) company town.

    1. If you lived in the company town, did you work for the company? Im assuming your father did. Did he tell you that you could only shop at the company store? Or that his check was docked for housing? Company towns are one of the reasons for the rise of labor unions. They were not for the benefit of the employees but for the benefit company. Just another way of keeping their thumb on the common worker so that he would have to stay because of the “debt” he owed to the company

      1. That’s not the point. Schiffer is saying that the company participating in worker housing is socialist, but even as you recounted, that isn’t the history. In a modern world, in a very crowded city, having a large company help to ease its workers housing should/could be managed more equitably. We don’t have to repeat history, if we actually learn from it. Housing prices immediately started rising in these target areas and not all Amazon employees get paid to be able to handle costs of living.

        1. Since when is any employer responsible for the housing needs of its employees that live in a crowded city or not? What you refer to isnt modern. Its socialism. Why dont you try out living in a two room apartment in a concrete high rise with a family of 4 or maybe more. Thats you “modern” world. If you cant afford to live in a certain area then I suggest you move someplace you can afford

          1. Some employers actually help their employees. It *can* be a symbiotic relationship. This doesn’t have to be adversarial. Obviously, Amazon is not in this category, but it could be.

          2. Facebook, Apple and Google, IKEA, Alibaba, Audiobook. There are more.

          3. “What you refer to isnt modern. Its socialism.”

            Socialism like in the US where the President just gave $12B to farmers so that they can survive under his stupid tariffs, where the military is a “make work program” given billions and billions more, to build weapons that the military don’t need or want? Welcome to the real world.

          4. How do you know what the military needs? Do you work at the Pentagon?

          5. Um, because THEY say so? I will take their word on what they want or don’t want.

    2. Chevron has also destroyed that town and its residents with hazardous spills and toxic waste

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