Schumer Open to Considering Trump’s Arming Teachers Proposal in Exchange for Gun Safety Measures

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) again praised President Donald Trump on Thursday for his recent bipartisan meeting on gun safety this week while also opening the door to considering the president’s controversial proposal to allow teachers to carry weapons on campus.

“I’d like to give credit where credit is due,” Schumer said during a press conference announcing Senate Democrats’ gun safety proposals. “The president said a lot of the right things yesterday.”

The Senate Democratic leader urged the president to move on three key proposals in the aftermath of the deadly Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting this month — close existing loopholes in the gun background check system, push legislation that would allow for protective orders to temporarily disarm individuals who have been deemed a credible threat, and a Senate debate on banning assault weapons.

“These comprehensive proposals are designed to plug the wide range of loopholes and deficiencies in our gun safety laws,” Schumer said. “And the president has either supported or shown a willingness to support all of these. All three.”

Schumer was then asked whether he would consider Trump’s push to arm teachers in schools to combat active shooter situations in exchange for the measures Democrats are purposing.

“If the president were to say, ‘I must have that,’ we’d have to talk about it,” the New York senator said.

However, he did note that the “overwhelming majority of experts that I have talked to and the overwhelming majority of teachers that I have talked to are strongly against it. They don’t think it brings safety.”

Ultimately, Schumer said he will do what it takes to ensure the three proposals being introduced on Thursday receive full consideration and that he’s “not drawing any lines in the sand” when it comes to the ongoing negotiations.

“We think these three things are the most important things to do,” he added.

Watch the senator’s comments, via YouTube.

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