Schumer Claims POTUS Made ‘Bogus’ Migration Moves, But Crenshaw Has a ‘Correction’

Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is shutting down Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) after he claimed the president had made “all bogus” immigration moves.

The Democratic leader side-stepped offering a solution to the U.S.-Mexico border crisis, and instead, opted to take a swing at President Donald Trump.

In a tweet on Sunday, Schumer claimed Trump “declared a bogus emergency to build a wall he said will ‘solve’ immigration,” “made a bogus tariff threat even GOP in Congress rejected,” and “claims a bogus ‘deal’ Mexico volunteered to do months ago.”

However, Crenshaw wasn’t having it, as he offered a “correction” to Schumer’s criticism of Trump.

He laid out that the “border crisis worsens every month,” “Congress continues to do nothing to address it,” and “Democrats refuse to acknowledge it is an urgent problem.”

The Republican lawmaker called these all “indeed ‘bogus.'”

U.S. border officials are seeing a worsening crisis as they apprehended a total of 144,278 migrants in May — jumping 32% from the month prior. Additionally, the total apprehensions so far in the fiscal year 2019 has already passed the total of apprehensions in all of the fiscal year 2018.

In an effort to curb the massive influx of illegal immigration, Trump put pressure on Mexico by threatening tariffs if they don’t do more to help. He then called off those plans as the two countries came to a migration deal on Friday, including Mexico vowing to deploy forces to their southern border.

As for Schumer’s claim that “even GOP in Congress rejected” the president’s “bogus tariff threat,” congressional Republicans were divided on the idea of Trump placing the tariffs as a means to bring about an immigration agreement. However, several GOP lawmakers applauded the president later for reaching a deal with Mexico.

“Ok Mr. President, good day of winning,” Crenshaw previously responded to the deal.

Border officials are looking to Congress for help, as a border patrol chief recently warned that the “breaking records” of migrant apprehensions “just continues to rise so far with no sign of slowing.”

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