Schumer Takes a Red Pen to Trump’s Blatantly Inaccurate USA Today Op-Ed

USA Today, Chuck Schumer
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President Donald Trump published an op-ed in USA Today on Wednesday that attempted to rip apart Democrats’ “Medicare for All” plan. However, many of Trump’s statements were proved false or misleading by multiple news outlets.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) tore apart Trump’s op-ed with red marks and cited Associated Press fact check, New York Times fact check, The Washington Post, ABC News, and Kaiser Family Foundation.

“I took a look at your op-ed, @realDonaldTrump,” Schumer wrote on Twitter. “It needs some work. All of the false and misleading words in the world can’t cover up how your administration and Republicans in Congress are forcing millions of Americans to pay more for health care.”

As Vox first reported, the USA Today article actually fact-checks itself. In some of Trump’s sentences, the editors linked to articles that disprove his own claims.

While many were frustrated that USA Today published the article, the news organization stood by its decision.

[USA Today opinion] provides a forum for a diversity of views on issues of national relevance. We see ourselves as America’s conversation center, presenting our readers with voices from the right, left and middle.

President Trump’s op-ed was treated like other column submissions; we check factual assertions while allowing authors wide leeway to express their opinions.

Readers are invited to submit opposing viewpoints and provide additional context, some of which will be published in the days ahead.

Schumer wasn’t the only lawmaker to let Trump’s claims go unsaid. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is proposing the Senate Medicare for All plan, called the president out.

“Donald Trump, who has a very difficult time telling the truth about anything, is lying about Medicare for All,” Sanders tweeted Wednesday. “Our proposal wouldn’t cut benefits for seniors. In fact, we expand benefits, eliminate deductibles and copays and lower the cost of prescription drugs.”

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  1. All of a sudden, I’m supposed to believe what schmucky chuckie has to say about ANYTHING? And, before all you libtards come after me with all of your DIFFERENT number of Trump lies, I know of hundreds of times he has been nothing but facetious in his comments and you libtards immediately chalked it up to “just another Trump lie”. Ask Santa for a sense of humor, SOON!


  2. 😆😆😆 when The NY Times, AP, ABC, WaPo and the rest of the shills are Chucky’s proof, we can safely say his corrections are bullshit.

  3. I read Trumpov’s op-ed and I don’t approve. It is full of lies and he is full of shit. There is NO WAY he sat down and wrote that himself – it is beyond his capacity. It is only a hit-job, fear mongering, on Medicare taylored for seniors. Any Universal Health Care system covers EVERYBODY with the broadest of services possible, in a way to keep costs low and in control. THAT”S WHAT IT DOES! If you can’t figure that one out, you don’t deserve UHC at all because you are too stupid to be helped. Like Trumpov.

    “I am committed to resolutely defending Medicare and Social Security from the radical socialist plans of the Democrats.”

    Paul Ryan must be pissed at Trumpov for saying this because he has been trying for years to get rid of these things. Be very wary of what they have planned regarding changes to payments, in January. That’s gonna hurt.

    • IsStupid, judging by your comments here on the IJR, I’d say you’re in no position to judge the mental state of anybody!!!!

    • You are ignorant of how UHC works and you don’t listen to people when people try to explain how it works. People HAVE tried. For goodness sake, go find out for yourself before something serious happens in your own family and you go bankrupt over your own bills. At the very least, read Bernie Sanders’ proposed bill. There are others.

      At various times in my working career, I have been covered by UHC. I paid for it in Ontario, for one example, through my tax form. They use a sliding scale based on your income. You would pay nothing, up to $900, depending on your income. Seniors don’t pay anything, including for meds. For now, they don’t cover glasses and hearing aids, but they are trying to change that, for everyone.

      That $900 is not one co-pay. That is the MAXIMUM – for anybody – for a whole year. Contrary to the asswhole President, seniors are not left out or compromised. Do you realize that when Medicare was started, US seniors who lived in poverty were about 33% of all seniors? In only ten years, that number dropped to about 22%. That is how effective UHC is, and creeps like Paul Ryan, McConnell, and the creep in the Oval Office want to destroy it, not improve it. Don’t believe one word from Trumpov on this!

      You don’t know what you are missing out on. The anguish, the sleepless nights, the risk of medical bankruptcy, never knowing when five more huge bills will come in the mail. Time wasted on the phone arguing about your bill.

      What we have here is garbage. The system is designed on greed to keep people down. It is not designed to keep *the nation as a whole* healthy. In fact, with the way costs are escalating, pretty soon, nobody will be able to afford health care – nobody but the ultra rich, that is. The sooner that you all realize that, the sooner you will vote for candidates who will fight to free you from all of this nonsense and help you, help us all. You see, it is important that we all help each other with this. It is not a “I got mine, to hell with everyone else” kind of situation. It’s that none of us survive this world, so let’s help each other the best that we know how. And we can certainly do better.

      I am not saying that Medicare For All is the best that we can get, either. I am saying that we, the most powerful and rich nation in the world, can do BETTER than MFA. We can have the best system anywhere. Bar none. Are you going to fight for something worth while and attainable or are you going to make do with what little we have today? Moldy crumbs.

      • Maybe you should move back to Canada if the system was so great there. Socialism doesn’t work. It never has and never will. There is already medicare and medicaid. I’m not nor is anyone else responsible for someone elses health concerns. It is already illegal to deny services at hospitals based on someones ability to pay.

          • IsStupid, I’m quite familiar with how UHC doesn’t work. I travel for work to Canada and Europe frequently and have heard their horror stories of UHC. In fact, I just showed a Canadian co-worker your post, and after he stopped laughing, his response was that you were full of shit and that you have no clue. I doubt that you’ve ventured out of your mom’s basement, let alone internationally.

            It seems the real problem with healthcare in this country is idiots like you spewing BS about nothing YOU have a clue about.

            As Peter correctly stated, no patient in the US is turned away from lack of means to pay. My wife treats indigent patients all the time, many of them foreign (she’s not allowed to inquire about legal citizenship). They seem to be fine with the care they get compared to where they came from.

            I suggest before you call others assholes and declare them ignorant, that YOU get a clue yourself!!!

            “It’s not what liberals don’t know, It’s that they know so much that just isn’t so!” — Ronald Reagan

  4. IsStupid, let me just start with “everything” and build from there. You honestly think that what you paid in taxes is what your care actually costs? The comment my Canadian friends make is that, “it’s a great place to get a cold, just don’t get cancer!” No thanks, I can go to Walgreens for that. The doctors aren’t best in class; they work in the United States. You may be OK with docs that were bottom of their class but not me. Don’t worry about going bankrupt caring for your loved ones, the government will just let them die if their actuaries calculate that the expense vs. quality of life equation doesn’t look good. In that case they’ll just die. Or, for my friends close to the border, they’ll cross the border into the US and pay out of pocket. If we go UHC, where will THEY go? Is that enough for you, ignorant troll?

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