‘Mexico Ain’t Footing the Bill’: Schumer Tears Into Trump’s Claim That Mexico Will ‘Indirectly’ Pay for Wall

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President Donald Trump has realized he can’t hold out on his campaign promise that Mexico will pay for a border wall and is now insisting that the Southern neighbor will pay for the wall “indirectly” through a new trade deal. Democrats and financial experts aren’t buying his claim.

Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that the money from the NAFTA replacement (USMCA) will fund the wall and that he’ll send the United States military as its construction workers.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took the Senate floor Wednesday to dispute the president’s tweet.

“This is the huge turnaround for the president that once insisted that ‘mark my words, Mexico will pay for the wall 100 percent,'” he said, adding that fact-checkers have already disproved the president’s claim.

“There’s nothing in the new agreement that stimulates Mexico must devote any resources to the United States. And any ‘savings’ from a trade deal, if there are any savings, don’t go to the Treasury, they go to American businesses and American taxpayers. Ultimately, the president would have to tax the American people to fund his wall. Mexico ain’t footing the bill.”

So far, the Trump administration has not made it clear how the new trade agreement will pay for the wall. As pointed out by Forbes, the trade agreement hasn’t even been approved by Congress yet and will need to pass through the new Democrat-dominated House.

If it does pass, Schumer’s assertion is correct: the money from the trade deal doesn’t go to the Treasury.

“None of those funds would be ear-marked for anything; they would go into general revenues,” Forbes economic policy writer Phil Levy explained.

“If the President wants to fund his wall, he will have to look somewhere other than the USMCA.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also couldn’t back up the president’s claim with facts; instead, she repeated that the trade deal would pay for the wall.

“We are looking into existing funding through other agencies right now that we can draw on to do that immediately. The president has been clear that the USMCA deal will provide additional revenue,” Sanders said as she claimed that the money saved could pay for the multi-billion dollar wall “four times over.”

Watch the video below:

Democrats are not letting Trump’s latest claim about the wall slide. “The president promised Mexico would pay for it, not the American taxpayer,” Schumer said. “We want smart, effective border security, but that’s not a wall.”

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I say let the citizens of America Speak and decide by starting a “GoFundMe” account for the wall!!!!! That will indicate what the majority of the people in this country believe with regards to a wall……


No one wants to pay for a wall, but I don’t see or hear many complaints about how many tax dollars are spent on ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!???? Seems it doesn’t matter to some people if it’s the law and our legal systems, education and the institutes there of, our hospitals and health, Social Security, Food Programs, income subsidies, etc., etc., etc., that is just fine and I’m sure all that equates to BILLIONS of TAX PAYER DOLLARS being used for someone who shouldn’t be here to begin with?

John Gagliano Jr

Anyonebwhonthought mexico would actually pay for anything is just as stupid as trump.


It may be that Mexico wishes it had agreed to pay for a wall as it is now hosting thousands of unwanted caravaneers


If Schumer et al could become part of the solution and not the spotlight for the problem this country would be better for it. He should review some of his and other cohorts past support of dealing with this threat to the US. It’s so transparent. If it was still Obama they would throw a party. Their hate is palpable


Join numbersusa.org to help slow down the Swamp

Betsy Lawson

The Dems and Progressives want to destroy this country…no ifs and or buts. Obama and his minions tried, now Schumer and Pelosi want to finish the job. Talk about traitors.





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