Scott Slams ‘Totalitarian’ Democrats: ‘They Don’t Want to Solve Problems; They Want to Take Away Your Guns’

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) called out his Democratic colleagues for what he sees as an attempt to limit the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

The mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas left many Americans looking to Congress for a solution to gun violence. It didn’t take long before the crowded field of 2020 candidates started tossing out their ideas.

As IJR previously reported, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called for higher taxes on ammunition, raising the minimum age to own a weapon to 21, and a ban on assault weapons. Others, like former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), have signaled that they would be open to a mandatory assault weapons ban and buyback.

According to Scott, none of these suggestions would entirely stop future violent attacks like the shooting he had to manage as governor of Florida during the school shooting in Parkland.

During an interview on “America’s Newsroom,” he claimed the proposals put forward by Democrats are an attempt to take guns from the hands of law-abiding owners.

Watch Scott’s comments:

“This is like Groundhog Day. We have a shooting and the Democrats want to take away your guns. They don’t want to solve problems; they want to take away your guns. That’s what totalitarian governments do. But what we did in Florida was, after Parkland happened, I sat down within days — four to five days — I got law enforcement together, mental health counselors together and I got educators together and within three weeks we passed logical, common-sense legislation to make our schools and our communities safer. It started with Red Flag laws that said if you’re threatening harm to yourself or somebody else, the law enforcement can go to the court system and through due process, all weapons can be taken away. And then promptly after that, they have to go back to keep that going. It’s not forever.”

As Scott noted, he implemented Red Flag laws in Florida and is now looking to do the same at the national level, as he noted in an op-ed to the Washington Post.

“I believe in the Second Amendment,” Scott said. “I’m not interested in taking away weapons from law-abiding citizens.”

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Rick Scott did not make Florida schools safer. It is looking to me like the school safety is business as usual. It is interesting to me that when I was in high school we had a rifle club, and there were a number of girls who were in that club. I could have gone to the student parking lot on any day and there would have been a number of pickup trucks with rifles in the rear window. There were no school shootings.


What promulgated the Parkland shooter was Obozo’s Promise Program.


I’ll support Liawatha’s raising the age to 21 when she also says the voting age is raised to 21. Both are Constitutional rights though one has been infringed and the other altered to gain votes.. Beto’s mealy-mouthed policy is betrayed by “mandatory”. He’s saying confiscation, without the courage to actually pronounce it. Maybe because he’s a privileged white boy who calls his fellow citizens “racists”, yet wants to be Hispanic. Both of these panderers are ignorant of what “assault weapon” actually means. I challenge them to disarm Antifa first, since they’ve openly carried *ahem* assault weapons to demonstrations. One was… Read more »


The reason that there is not sensible ‘gun’ policy is because the extremists have a further agenda and only a fool does not know what that agenda is. Many of the ‘banners’ would not know a flintlock from an fully-auto AK-47. I hate to, but I will agree with Floppy Joe; a shotgun is best for home defense, not necessarily a reloader like a double-barrel if the home-invaders are also armed and don’t give a damn because they are ‘methed’ outta their skulls, but even awakened from sleep a blind man might have a chance with a scatter-gun and I… Read more »


Scott is a fool making the problem worse. Conservative voices have also been calling for reform. No one is trying to take away everyone’s guns; the slippery slope argument put forth by wackos like him would prevent us from making any progress on the issue of gun violence on the US.


Scott is a sub-human, full of excrement barbarian living with his head up his butt. A typical trumphuckeduplican.





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