‘I Just Want to Scream’: Don Lemon Shuts Down Trump’s ‘Flat-Out Lie’ About Obama

Don Lemon

In a series of tweets fired off Monday morning, President Donald Trump compared his hush money payments to a porn star and a Playboy model as “a simple private transaction” and compared it to a campaign finance violation made by the Obama campaign.

CNN host Don Lemon isn’t buying the comparison.

“There’s always an excuse for why he lies, but he can’t keep his story straight,” Lemon said on his show Monday night, referencing when Trump denied knowing anything about the payments in the spring.

But more than the changing story, Lemon said the thing that’s made him “just want to scream at the television” is Trump and his “apologists” making comparisons to Obama’s actions.

“They’re working very hard to claim this is business as usual, and even if it wasn’t, it’s just like what Obama did during his campaign. That is a flat-out lie,” Lemon said.

“The Obama campaign did miss filing deadlines and did not properly refund excess contributions, which they admitted and they paid and they paid the fines,” Lemon admitted, adding that campaigns are often fined for those kind of violations.

“That is not the same at all as creating a shell company or using a media company to pay hush money for affairs with a porn star and a Playboy model during an election so that the public, the voting public, wouldn’t find out,” Lemon said. “That is not the same at all, come on. Don’t be stupid, don’t think that people are stupid by pretending that this is equal and the same thing. It is not.”

Watch the video below:

In his Monday morning tweets, Trump claimed that the focus of the hush money payments is to take away from the Russia investigation, in which he claims there was “no collusion.”

Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, said the president directed him to make the payments to the two women. This week, prosecutors implicated Trump on campaign finance violations. Cohen now faces jail time.

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Pat Warnock

Lemon, the Democratic shill!

Hector Espada

Thanks again to CNN for having this creature on the air. A constant reminder of who and what the enemy is, is always a good thing.

Steven Eighner

Lemon has claimed in the past to be unbiased and professional. Fact is, Obama did lie about the campaign contributions before admitting it was true when proof was provided. Has proof been provided here that trump broke any laws or even lied? He made himself look guilty with his Tweets but the fact remains there has been no proof put forward so that Lemon is convicting Trump when he calls Trump a liar… show us the proof.

Don Lemon doesn’t need proof, an accusation alone is enough.


This happened before Trump was president, he used his own dollars and not campaign dollars and lastly, this is between Trump and Melania.

It is disgusting that the press never bothers the Clintons about their affairs but shows such respect to both the Clintons no matter what sexual info is out there about those two.

Rocky Drummond

Lies, big lies, volumes of lies, the obvious necessity to lie unnecessarily, is a hallmark of fascism.


As much as I dont like Don Lemon, i can see why he would be frustrated. Not only that the comparison was made by the president, but also that people actually will believe then that they are the same thing.





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