Sean Spicer Defies the Haters and Lives to Dance Another Week on DWTS

Sean Spicer as Frankenstein's Monster on Dancing with the Stars.

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer survived to dance another week during Monday night’s episode of the ABC hit Dancing with the Stars, despite dismal scores from the celebrity judges and the ire of diehard fans who say he is one of the worst dancers ever to appear on the show.

Spicer, President Donald Trump’s first press secretary, and his professional dancing partner, Lindsay Arnold, received the lowest score of the night from the judges — 18 out of a possible 30 points — for their jive to the song “Monster Mash.” Spicer was dressed as Frankenstein’s monster for the Halloween episode of the weekly show.

Fans of the show are livid about the couple’s longevity on the program in spite of Spicer’s abysmal dancing skills.


Spicer’s survival can be attributed to an unprecedented wave of support from viewers, or at least from Trump fans, who are allowed to vote for their favorite couples via text message and on ABC’s website. Under the rules of the show, couples are dismissed each week based on a combination of the judges’ scores and the popular vote.

ABC does not release data on the popular vote, but Spicer’s appearance on the show each week is greeted with a barrage of calls-to-action by conservative, Trump-loving Twitter and other social media. The tweeter-in-chief even called on his millions of followers to support his former press secretary one week earlier this month.


Participants of the show with scores as low as Spicer’s — he is currently averaging six points below his next lowest competitor — have in the past seasons rarely lasted beyond the second or third week.

Spicer, however, continues to hold his own among the remaining seven competitors, despite concerted efforts by the judges to send him packing.

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General Confusion

Way to go, Sean! There is nowhere for him to go but up from here, now!

Oh, wait. It’s Sean. I must have been confused.

Phyllis Softa

Congrats to Sean, BUT “own the Libs” by voting for Sean on Dancing with the Stars???? It is a reality show on TV. Make America SANE Again!





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