Sean Spicer Questions If Dems Struggle with Identity Crisis: Each Candidate Will Be a ‘Flavor of the Week’

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer questioned what the Democrats are “searching for” in a 2020 presidential candidate and slammed the party as “speed dating” candidates in an attempt to find its identity, noting that each candidate would become a “flavor of the week.”

Spicer, who served as press secretary under President Donald Trump until July 2017, took aim at the Democrats during a Wednesday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends,” predicting they will “go from one” candidate to another through the primary cycle and torching South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg as their “flavor of the week.”

“There are over 15 candidates that have jumped in already, and they’re going to be a flavor of the week,” Spicer said. “They’re going to go from one to another.

“But think about the contrast that you have,” Spicer added. “One, he’s exploding on social media. You’ve got, in the polls, [Joe] Biden and [Bernie] Sanders, the two old white guys leading the polls. And then when it comes to social media interactions, the amount of chatter that’s going on among these, he is right up at the top.”

Watch the video here:

Spicer continued on to talk about the difference between the big-name candidates and potential candidates — such as former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), two Senate alumni who have been around “a long time” — and the “neophytes” such as Andrew Yang and Buttigieg, who was “barely elected.”

The former press secretary then raised the question of what the Democratic Party is “searching for”:

“The question that you’re asking yourself — you ought to be scratching your head, going, ‘What is the party searching for?’ On one hand, one week, they want the guy that’s never done anything, barely got elected, is 37 years old. And then on the other hand, you got the 70-plus-year-old crowd that’s been in Washington forever.”

He then slammed the Democrats as “speed dating” their primary candidates.

Buttigieg entered the fray of the massive Democratic presidential primary race in January and will have to go up against Sanders and other established Democrats such as Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

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Believe the number of occupants in the Leftist clown car now exceeds 16 with the addition of a South Florida mayor no one outside his village has ever heard of. He’s probably polling somewhere below -1 at this time and declining. Sick, Creepy and Crazy Uncle Joe continues to lead the pack of those formerly called D’s. Just the type of weird craziness this Nation/World doesn’t need.


Psychologists have already measured that when presented with too many choices, especially ones with the same *ahem* flavors most voters either do not vote or vote poorly (yes I know that’s redundant)

I can only hope Howard Schultz does an end-run. Not a politician. Successful businessman who’s actually accomplished something with his life NOT politics. It will be Ross Perot all over again, but this time for the Ee-Yores.

Can lightning be caught in a bottle twice?

Phyllis Softa

I am amused when Republicans speculate on what Democrats are thinking or doing. If R’s think like D’s, your 2016 nominee would not have been Trump. The D’s I know are waiting for the debates –the first one will take place June 25th & 26th. The Iowa caucus isn’t until January, 2020 and many are waiting for that. PA Dems don’t vote until April, 2020. We know all announced candidates won’t still be in the race when we get to vote. Believe me we are not “speed dating.”





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