Former White House Adviser Declares the Gay Wedding on Cartoon Show ‘Arthur’ Signifies a ‘Culture War’

One-time White House adviser Sebastian Gorka continued his trend of outspoken remarks this week when he declared that a gay wedding on the PBS show “Arthur” signified a “culture war” — nevermind that the characters in the wedding are cartoon talking animals.

Gorka said on his show, “The new season of ‘Arthur’ will have one of Arthur’s teachers at school, a male teacher, married to a fellow male rodent. Did you have any questions about there being a culture war, ladies and gentlemen? Did you have any doubt in your mind?”

He went on to say, “This is a war for our culture, and that’s why we exist here on America First on the Salem Radio Network.”

Here’s a clip of those remarks:

It’s hard to figure out what Gorka means by a gay wedding on a television show signaling a “war for our culture.” In the summer of 2015, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in the United States, so this is pretty much-settled law.

Among other remarks he’s delivered, Gorka once gave a two-hour-long tirade against Islam to a group of military students. Earlier this year at CPAC, Gorka told the crowd that Democrats “want to take away your hamburgers.”

One former White House official even recalled to Politico Gorka showing up to a meeting and suggesting following the strategies of Napoleon. He spent several months in the White House, though it was never exactly clear what role he accomplished.

Despite his trend of unpredictable comments, he was a Fox News contributor for a while, ending that contract earlier this year, and he currently has a syndicated radio show on the Salem Radio Network.

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A number of us here in Florida resigned our commission as Notary Public, State of Florida at Large (with the State’s authority to perform marriages) because of the 2015 SCOTUS ruling on “gay” marriage. Here, the Florida Statute defined marriage as between a man and a woman; not two of the same sex since we were put on this Earth to procreate; not experiment and recreate. I resigned my commission on January 1, 2015, the effective date of the SCOTUS ruling.

General Confusion

Ah, thanks for reminding me, Alex, that the new Archer series “1999” is starting at the end on May!

You almost confused me.

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