This High-Ranking Trump Appointee Carries an ‘ISIS Hunting License’ To Work Every Day Just In Case

If you’re a member of ISIS and you book a meeting with Trump’s Secretary of the Interior, be prepared.

The newly-minted Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke went on an outing during the snowstorm that hit the east coast this week. He allowed Independent Journal Review along for the ride in an trip that spanned two states, a couple secret monument tours, a walk around General Robert E. Lee’s dilapidated home and the secretary himself literally shoveling snow off the Lincoln Memorial steps.

You can read about the ride-along with the U.S. Park Police here.

Image Credit: Benny Johnson/IJR

However, there was one item that this reporter noticed as the former congressman and Navy SEAL was heading back into his building after the long day. I spotted a yellow tag on his phone.

Most government employees have odd security stickers and barcodes on their mobile devices, so I assumed it was just that. Then I saw the word ‘ISIS.’ I asked the secretary if I could see the back of his phone, and this is what it said:

“ISIS Hunting Permit: No Bagging Limit, No Tagging Required”

Image Credit: Benny Johnson/IJR

And it said “Also Valid For: Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram.”

Image Credit: Benny Johnson/IJR

The former Navy SEAL is very proud of this device:

Image Credit: Benny Johnson/IJR

And this is what the Interior Secretary looks like talking on it:

Image Credit: Benny Johnson/IJR

I asked the secretary why he proudly displays the sticker some would find controversial at-best. His response:

“This is only valid for 2016. Now that I’m in charge, my department will have to evaluate the tagging and bagging rules for ISIS.”

Zinke served from 1986 to 2008 as a Navy SEAL, deploying multiple times to Iraq and the Persian Gulf before retiring as a SEAL Commander.

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