Sen. Chris Coons: Joe Biden Told Me He’s ‘All But Certain’ on Running in 2020

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) says that former Vice President Joe Biden is “all but certain” about a presidential run in 2020 on Wednesday.

When CNN anchor John Berman asked Coons on “New Day,” if he thought Biden was going to run for president, the senator affirmed that Biden probably will.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

“I’m optimistic he’s going to run for president, I’m actually confident he’s going to run for president,” Coons said. “He’s 95% there and everything that needs to be in place for him to have a strong and successful launch is being put together.”

“Look, I understand why he hasn’t yet made the final decision. This is something he and Jill need some time to reflect on and pray on, but I think that this is a big and an important moment in American history.”

Coons continued saying, “The former vice president has a huge reservoir of experience, both in the Senate and as the vice president in the Obama-Biden administration, but I expect him to run looking forward, setting us on a path towards making America work again.”

When Berman asked the Delaware senator if Biden personally told him he was going to run, Coons replied, “He’s told me that he is all but certain he’s going to run.”

“He hasn’t made that last decision, but as you heard at his remarks to the firefighter’s convention yesterday, he’s feeling very optimistic about the prospects and is preparing for a run — but has not made that final decision, I expect that soon.”

Biden hinted at a presidential run during a speech to the International Association of Fire Fighters in Washington, D.C. on Monday, when supporters began chanting “Run Joe, run.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

“I appreciate the energy you showed when I got up here,” Biden responded to the audience. “Save it a little longer, I may need it in a few weeks.”

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I. Chin

Handsy, molester and multi-multi-millionaire Joe is just waiting for the field to weed itself. Joe “Gold with precious jewels lunch bucket.”

One can easily picture a video montage of him mangling unwilling women and *gash*, err, *gasp* underage girls IN PUBLIC. That’s a double-barrel discharge at unknown targets right there.

Except the union money-Dims-more union money will continue to endorse this by financial support, no matter how their members feel.

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