Sen. Menendez Supporter Caught Spewing Racial Slurs at Black and Latino Republicans

In a video shared with the Republican National Committee, a man holding a sign in support of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) can be seen heckling and shouting racial insults towards African-American and Latino Republicans.

According to an RNC staffer, the video was taken during the New Jersey Senate debate last Wednesday.

“You’re going to be deported,” the African-American man told the group of Republicans. “You’re going to be sent back to your hometown.”

“Believe that, your country,” he continued to taunt while holding a Menendez for Senate sign.

The man then directed his insults to the African-Americans in the group.

“You’re a coon, man,” he said. “You have to go.”

Watch the video below:

One of the men being shouted at asked the Menendez supporter to “name one stance” of Menendez’s that he supports.

The heckler did not respond to his question and continued to shout at them.

Police then moved between the two groups in order to avoid the situation from escalating further.

Real Clear Politics reports Menendez is leading his Republican challenger, Bob Hugin, by an average 6.5 points in the polls.

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