‘Who Did This…’: Senate GOP Trolls Georgia Dem Candidate by Buying Domain With His Name

The Republican Party’s senatorial campaign arm trolled a newly-announced Senate Democratic candidate in Georgia by purchasing the web domain with his name.

In a tweet published Wednesday morning, the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s (NRSC) Twitter account published a tweet asking, “Who did this,” with a smirking, side-eye emoji.

The tweet also included a link to a web domain centered around Georgia Democratic senatorial candidate Jon Ossoff‘s name.

However, when the link is clicked on, it redirects to a 2017 opinion piece from the Washington Examiner regarding a Washington Post fact-check. The piece is on the resume that Ossoff touted during his failed House special election bid that year, in which the Post gave him ” one Pinocchio.”

Ossoff had announced his senatorial bid against Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) on Monday.

According to the Post’s Fact Checker scale, “one Pinocchio” means that a claim has “some omissions and exaggerations, but no outright falsehoods.”

The op-ed pointed out that Ossoff had told voters while campaigning that he had “five years of experience” working in Congress as a “national security staffer” and that he had “held [a] top-secret security clearance.”

The chief writer of the Post’s famous “The Fact Checker,” Glenn Kessler, wrote in his piece that it was “not very likely” the average voter in that race understood that Ossoff only had his security clearance for “less than half a year.”

Kessler also wrote that Ossoff “declaring himself a ‘senior national security staffer’ is also bit too much resume puffery.”

“Ossoff did not even work on the staff of a major committee, such as Armed Services or International Relations,” continued Kessler. “Instead, he was an aide to a relatively low-ranking member of Congress.”

NRSC Spokesman Nathan Brand told Fox News that the website, JonOssoff.com, will be up and running through Ossoff’s campaign and it would contain “all the details” of the Democrat candidate’s “resume.”

“JonOssoff.com will have all the details about Jon Ossoff’s resume,” said Brand. “Since Ossoff is a serial resume inflator, voters will need a good source for all the news about Ossoff’s misleading claims and left-wing views.”

Some on Twitter got their shots in on the NRSC buying up Ossoff’s name web domain, with one user calling it “amazing.”

Ossoff lost to former Rep. Karen Handel (R-Ga.) during a 2017 special election in the Peach State. As IJR previously reported, Ossoff had reportedly spent nearly $40 million in his failed electoral bid.


  1. In essence, the Democrat machine will stop at nothing, to secure a win.
    .”Fact check” be damned. Is their motto.
    And the liberal media, will continue to repeat the lies. after years of scrutiny.
    But will only admit their “collusion” after be called out.

  2. My only response is that the WAPO fact “checker”, Glenn Kessler, must have considered the collateral damage done to Ossoff as minor and a small price compared to promoting the overall liberal narrative espoused by WAPO.

    I submitted a response to Mr Kessler a few years ago for claim he gave 4 Pinocchios. This was regarding a testimony a personal friend of mine gave regarding her disrupted breast cancer treatment due to Obamacare. Her mistake was that she did this as part of a campaign advertisement against a Democratic senator in my state. First, Mr Kessler accused her of being partisan because her EX-husband was a player in my state’s Republican Party. Then he claimed the expenses she paid under Obamacare were no worse than they would have been under her insurance that got cancelled due to Obamacare.

    I challenged him first on his accusations of her partisanship. WTF did he not understand about the prefix “EX” when placed in front of “wife”. What did party affiliation have to do with battling cancer? What was it that he didn’t understand about the complexities of having your coverage interrupted during a traumatic event like fighting cancer? Finally, I DESTROYED his numbers (based on hers) about what her insurance WOULD have paid versus what she had to pay under an Obamacare plan.

    What was Kessler’s response? Crickets. Even when confronted with the facts that he was wrong, no response. No corrrection. Despite the fact that the Obamacare debacle threatened her health care and recovery. Although a year later, WAPO declared Obama’s claim that, “you can keep your doctor/insurance”, lie of the year,

    Moral of the story: “fact checker” has an alternative definition due to the word, “check” , which can also mean to impede or stop.

  3. obviously they wanted this to happen since currently the law allows the STEALING of a paid for domain name unless have repealed that cyber law they used to steal Ms Blacks domain because some liberals wanted to use it for something else and were offended by the fact it was already being used by a family named Black.

    Like the “red flag” laws they are pushing now all it takes is an accusation of cyber-squatting to steal the domain no matter what it is being used for.

    So either they have changed that law or the individual allowed to happen so they could use it as an excuse in their campaign.

    Not to mention the fact that most every other candidate that actually knows what they are doing not only buys their own name as a domain but ones similar that might be misused by their opponents.

    1. So you’re suggesting this is his grand scheme to… what? Look like an incompetent buffoon who is technologically inept?

  4. Lol wow – he should fire his technology manager. Not only did the person not buy the domains ahead of time, but i had to scroll through the candidate’s twitter posts to find his actual website. They didn’t even pay for it to be at the top of Google searches.

    Seriously, its 2019. If you aren’t going to put effort in online then why bother running at all.

    1. So are you saying that if I put in the effort online and win the Presidency I could then run the country on line and not have to move to Washington DC?

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