‘Serious Questions About Serious Problems’: Katie Porter Isn’t Laughing at Carson’s ‘Oreo’ Slip-up

After Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson confused a real estate term with a chocolate sandwich cookie at a congressional hearing, he tried to laugh at the situation by sending a pack of Oreos to Rep. Katie Porter‘s (D-Calif.) office. Porter wasn’t amused.

“I was disappointed. I was asking serious questions about serious problems that Americans are facing,” Porter told CNN on Tuesday following the tensive exchange.

“I was really coming with a series of very serious questions, and I was hoping to get serious answers,” she added.

Carson was confused after Porter asked him if he knew what an REO was. Carson first thought the congresswoman was talking about Oreo cookies but still didn’t know the definition after Porter literally spelled it out for him.

Watch the video below:

The exchange went viral, gathering over 3.5 million views on Porter’s Twitter video alone. Carson made light of the situation by posting a picture of him with a fack of Oreos that he sent to Porter’s office.

“Thanks for your part in today’s hearing,” Carson wrote in a note to the congresswoman. “Hope you like these O’REO(s).”

Porter said she was looking for more than just cookies.

“He actually sent a family-size box of Double Stuf Oreos to our office, and while I was pleased to receive correspondence from him, what I’m really looking for is answers,” she said.

Watch the video below:

“So I hope this is the first of a series of things that he sends to my office, and I’m looking forward to receiving substantive answers as to how we can better help homeowners who find themselves struggling to make ends meet,” she added.

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Maybe a medical doctor is not the person to put in charge of housing and urban development. Of course Dr. Ben Carson was not very successful in his chosen profession





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