She Bought a Grieving Woman a Beer. But How She Paid For It Was Despicable

Tennessee resident Robin Hawkins knew she recognized the mangled red pickup truck as soon as she and her husband pulled up to it.

They were on their way back from visiting their in-laws when they came across the accident, completely by chance. Her husband inspected the car before returning to his wife with terrible news:

“He told me it was my Dad. I immediately dropped my phone and jumped out of my car screaming.”

Image Credit: Screenshot/News Channel 5
Image Credit: Screenshot/News Channel 5

A woman was standing nearby, and she quickly approached them.

Her name was Brittney McCoy, and she was 26 years old. She told the visibly distraught Hawkins that she had comforted her father, 67-year-old Ronald Clinard, while he died:

“She said she was sorry for everything and told me he died in her arms.”

McCoy then offered to buy them some beer in an attempt to console them.

What they didn’t know was that the seemingly kind woman had stolen from their deceased father’s wallet. She never even called 911.

Image Credit: Greenbriar Police Department
Image Credit: Greenbriar Police Department

What really happened was this: McCoy lifted the dying man’s wallet, then went to a nearby convenience store and bought cigarettes and beer with his credit card before returning to the site of the accident.

That’s where she met Hawkins and her husband.

When police finally arrived, McCoy handed over the victim’s drivers license and went on her way, secretly taking the credit card with her.

But Hawkins knew something was fishy when she noticed her father’s card was missing days later. She contacted the bank and was notified of the charges.

McCoy was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence, burglary, theft of property and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Hawkins is horrified:

“She doesn’t understand what she has done to our family and I don’t think she cares.”

Ronald Clinard was an Air Force veteran and later went on to own a gutter and sheet metal company. According to News Channel 5, he loved to fish and hunt and was known as a jokester.

Image Credit: Screenshot/News Channel 5
Image Credit: Screenshot/News Channel 5

He was buried at the Tennessee Veterans National Cemetery in Pegram.

Meanwhile, McCoy is due back in court in September.

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