Shep Smith Drops Epic Rant on Hurricane Matthew That Leaves Fox Viewers with Jaws Hanging Wide Open

As hurricane Matthew approached the Florida coast, it became apparent that the storm was every bit as serious as the experts had predicted.

While Floridians all over the state prepared for the worst, officials urged residents in the path of the storm to evacuate. But then Fox News’s Shep Smith took it a little further:

Smith’s comments:

“This moves 20 miles to the west, and you and everyone you know are dead. All of you. Because you can’t survive it.

It’s not possible, unless you’re very, very lucky.

And your kids die too.”

A number of Americans thought he might have taken it a little too far:

But Smith wasn’t the only one issuing dire warnings about the possibility of death by hurricane:

Despite the obvious severity of the storm, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder fears the worst will befall those who are still refusing to evacuate:

“The residents are telling our deputies, ‘Well, we are not leaving if you are not arresting us’ People are resisting. People do not seem to get it.”

Independent Journal Review stands with The Weather Channel in the hope that everyone in Matthew’s path is able to get to safety: “This storm will likely make history. We don’t want you to be part of that history.”