Sheriff David Clarke Has ‘Free T-Shirt’ with 3 Words on It for BLM Activist Brave Enough to Take One

On Wednesday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke shared a photo on social media about a ‘free gift’ that’s open to any member of Black Lives Matters who’s brave enough to take one.

Many on Twitter supported the Sheriff’s plan:

This person suggested that people wear another t-shirt:

There was some pushback, though.

While one tweet appeared to be supportive, the commenter explained in a later tweet that it was meant as sarcasm:

In September 2015, Sheriff Clarke said that BLM is “based on a false narrative,” and he called out the movement as “phony,” telling CBS affiliate WANE:

“I started watching people who were gathered at these rallies under this hands up don’t shoot and I can’t breathe. The bastard child of that was the Black Lives Matter movement…

This is an anarchist movement. And the purpose of this anarchist movement, just like in the ’60s, is to weaken the institution of policing because we’re the ones that stand up for the rule of law.”

Most recently, David Clarke made the news when he called out GOP presidential candidate and Ohio governor John Kasich for disparaging comments that he made about a police officer during a 2008 traffic stop.

What do you think?

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