Sheriff Who Fought to Make San Francisco a ‘Sanctuary City’ Gets Some Crushing News

The voters of San Francisco had a chance to decide if the ‘sanctuary’ policy of not cooperating with federal authorities to deport criminal undocumented immigrants “makes us safer.”

Voters went to the polls Tuesday to decide if they’d keep Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, who fought for the sanctuary policy, or choose one of the other two candidates.

It was Mirkarimi who ordered a man freed from jail to circumvent federal ICE agents who wanted him held for possible deportment.

Francisco Sanchez had been convicted seven times and deported five times when he was arrested and charged with killing Kate Steinle on the San Francisco waterfront while she was walking with her dad. The gun used in the murder was stolen from a federal officer.

Image Credit: YouTube

Mirkarimi made his comments about the city’s “safer” ‘sanctuary policy’ after the policy directly led to Steinle’s murder.

Steinle’s parents have fought hard to stop sanctuary city policies. And it looks like they weren’t alone in their opinions.

Fox News reports that Ross Mirkarimi was defeated 2 to 1 by former sheriff’s chief deputy Vicki Hennessy who ran a “low key” campaign, according to ABC 7. She will be the city’s first female sheriff.

ABC 7 reports that Mirkarimi’s tenure was tinged with scandal. He was prosecuted for domestic violence, was criticized for his operation of the jails, and his deputies failed to find a missing hospital patient – whose body was later found in the facility’s stairwell.

But he received nationwide publicity for staking his political future on letting undocumented immigrants stay in the city without fear of prosecution for “non-violent” crimes.

Tuesday, he found out what that political future will be.