Sherrod Brown Makes His Own List of National Emergencies — And He Says Donald Trump Is One of Them

Sherrod Brown, Donald Trump
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President Donald Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border Friday, but Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown had some other ideas about what the declaration could be used for.

The potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate created a Twitter thread Friday of all the things that he considers national emergencies above building a border wall, and he included a kicker directed at the president.

Brown started his list with gun violence, an emergency other Democratic lawmakers have pointed out as well this week. “In Just the last year 1,200 kids have been shot,” he wrote. “Too often communities of color that get ignored.”

The Ohio senator continued his seven-tweet list with everything from the opioid crisis to climate change:

  • “Trump’s own tax law encourages companies like GM to close factories, eliminate jobs, and ship work overseas—leaving thousands of Americans without jobs.
    That’s a real national emergency.”
  • “The opioid epidemic has claimed thousands of lives, in Ohio, killing 11 people every single day.
    Trump called that a national emergency—but he’s done very little about it.”
  • “Donald Trump says he doesn’t believe climate change is real, even though it is the greatest moral threat of our time.
    Climate change is a real national emergency.”
  • “Bridges across the country are structurally deficient. Roads are in need of repair. Communities are being poisoned by their own water.
    Now that’s an emergency.”
  • “More than a million hardworking truck drivers, miners and others are at risk of losing the retirement they earned because of Wall Street greed.
    That’s an emergency.”

Brown finished the rant with a jab to Trump. “These are real emergencies that Trump does nothing about,” Brown concluded.

“But now, like a child who again has failed to get his way, Trump is trying to ignore the Constitution to build his unnecessary wall. Donald Trump is the real national emergency.”

Brown hasn’t announced his candidacy for president yet, instead, he launched a “Dignity of Work” tour that would include states such as — you guessed it —Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

If he does decide to join the ever-growing pool of Democrats in the race so far, Brown levels with them on his willingness to criticize and take on Trump.

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Rocky Drummond

We also need to get off our butts and figure out how we are going to deal with workers who are going to be displaced by modern technology and automation. We have to look forward not backwards to declining industries, such as coal.


Ohio should have it’s statehood revoked for sending this moron to the Senate!

On a more serious note, Mr. Brown (I refuse to accept that he’s a REAL senator) should pay closer attention to President Trump’s accomplishments and what he’s trying to accomplish. Many of his 7 points are being addressed. Lack of critical thinking muddled by TDS….like all Democrats.

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