Sherrod Brown Hits Trump for Being Late on Shuttered Ohio GM Plant: ‘We Just Finally Woke Him Up’

Sherrod Brown
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Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) is calling out President Donald Trump for being late on a shuttered General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio, and he’s blaming Trump’s tax cut for the closing.

Trump began tweeting about the plant over the weekend, citing U.S. investments by Toyota and calling out General Motors for leaving Ohio.

The president also directed his frustration at United Auto Workers Local 1112 President David Green and claimed that General Motors CEO Mary Barra was blaming the union for the closed plant.

Brown welcomed Trump’s renewed attention on the issue but questioned why Trump waited so long to become so vocal on the shuttered factory.

“Well, I wished it had come earlier,” Brown told CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday of Trump’s renewed focus on the closed Lordstown plant.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

Brown defended the workers, citing the long history of the plant and GM’s own numbers on the worker’s efficiency. But Brown sharply criticized Trump for not fighting for the plant earlier.

“We just finally woke him up. I mean, I’ve been talking to him about this plant for over a year,” Brown said. “He, I assume, gets briefings about a major auto layoff in a major state. He should know that.”

As for the root cause of the plant closure, Brown argued that Trump’s 2017 tax cut only incentivizes companies to move production out of the United States:

“He has this tax bill he pushed through that encourages more companies to go overseas. So we’re going to see more of it until he gets rid of that tax provision with the fifty percent off coupon.”

Brown urged the president to fight more for the workers by supporting the “American Cars, American Jobs Act” in Congress, which would incentivize consumers to purchase American-made cars and end a provision in the 2017 tax cut bill that lowered the tax rate on overseas profits for auto manufacturers.

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I fail to see that Brown did anything to stop the GM plant from closing except complain about Trump. What’s he doing to earn his salary?

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