Her Husband Mysteriously Fell Off Cruise Ship on Honeymoon 10 Years Ago—This is What She’s Doing Now

The summer of 2005’s news cycle was dominated by the death of George Smith IV during a honeymoon cruise, leading many to speculate how the successful, attractive newlywed met such a tragic demise.

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It’s been ten years since the Smith’s death, and though his family continues to insist he was murdered and still seeks answers, according to the The Daily Mail, his bride has moved on with her life.

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Jennifer Hagel-Smith remarried in 2009 and is now Jennifer Agne. She has two children with her husband.

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And after a $1.1 million settlement in 2007 from Royal Caribbean Cruises, she’s also a wealthy woman.

But in 2005, she was a young newlywed, looking forward to a whole different life.

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That life was cut short, and the mystery’s never really been solved—something that Smith’s family still can’t let go of…

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Smith was only 26 when he died during his and Jennifer’s honeymoon cruise.

At the time, Jennifer told police that George must have slipped off the balcony while drunk and smoking a cigar. But a bloodstain found outside George’s room, as well as a host of other evidence, left many questions.

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Smith’s family, which keeps a Facebook page dedicated to George, remain optimistic that the ‘true’ cause of Smith’s death will be revealed. They remain dubious of Jennifer’s testimony:

“Due in part to Jennifer Hagel Agne’s selective amnesia, we still do not know who murdered George, and justice has eluded us.”

As of January, the FBI closed the official investigation into Smith’s death.

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