‘Sighs and gasps’ from House Members Hearing Latest Testimony in Impeachment Inquiry

Acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor arrives to testify at a closed-door deposition as part of the U.S. House of Representatives impeachment inquiry led by the House Intelligence, House Foreign Affairs and House Oversight and Reform Committees on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., October 22, 2019. REUTERS/Carlos Jasso

Behind-closed-door testimony from the acting ambassador to Ukraine reportedly elicited ‘sighs and gasps’ from House members hearing it in the ongoing impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

Sources said to be in the room for the testimony tell Politico that the opening statement by William Taylor, said to be some 15 pages long, detailed “how pervasive the efforts were” by Trump and his allies to force Ukrainian officials to investigate Joe Biden and the Democrats.

A Democratic member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee described the testimony as “very troubling” to the Wall Street Journal. “All I have to say is that in my 10 short months in Congress – it’s not even noon, right – and this is my most disturbing day in Congress so far.”

Taylor, a key figure in the investigation, took over the ambassador’s role in Ukraine following the removal of Marie Yovanovich in May. In a series of text messages with European Union Ambassador Gordon Sundaland released earlier this month by the three committees conducting the inquiry, Taylor expressed concern that security assistant to Ukraine was being withheld unless officials there agreed to conduct the investigations demanded by Trump.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday afternoon that Taylor’s testimony directly contradicted earlier statements by Sondland that there was no mention of Joe Biden or his son Hunter in discussions between the diplomats and the White House.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday morning, Trump decried the House’s inquiry as akin to a “lynching” and accused Democrats of trying to draw out the inquiry because they lack public support for it.

Republican members of the committees were described by reporters on the scene as being very “tight-lipped” about Taylor’s testimony Tuesday. None have suggested that the diplomat’s statements vindicated Trump or his subordinates.

Taylor was subpoenaed by the committee Tuesday morning after the State Department tried to block him from appearing.

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Phyllis Softa

Ban, I do not recall expressly ever calling you “pitiful” but perhaps my concern for your refusal to employ logic in your conclusion was interpreted as pity. The 15 page opening statement I refer to in my post, was acting Ambassador WILLIAM B. TAYLOR’s—not the whistleblower’s 9 page complaint that was sent to ICIG. The 7 page report by the Trump appointed IG, MICHAEL K. ATKINSON found the complaint “urgent and credible.” You also have the 5 page transcript of the summary of the phone call released by the Trump White House. Refusal to read information available to you does… Read more »

Phyllis Softa

HOW deep in denial does it take to claim the Democrats are only putting information “tainted in their favor.” The entire opening statement of 15 pages is available online. Ambassador Taylor was retired when recruited by Pompeo to take the position.


Oh please please open up those doors. I so want to be able to illicit “sighs and gasps”. And then an unnamed Democrat found says– ”and this is my most disturbing day in Congress so far.”. Hang on unnamed you ain’t seen nothing yet!


There are several things that go long with this article. First, the demonrats/communists only put out information they wanted and NOT the whole story. So the information is tainted in their favor (typical demonrats). The latest story is that the demonrats removed ALL republicans from the secret meetings. These demonrats/communists are committing treason right in front of us and we dare not let it continue. Remove these assholes from office and let them panhandle for a living. They probably can’t do that right either.


This whole impeachment process is such a farce!! It’s time for republicans to start fighting back against these sore loser democrats and start bringing some democrats up on all the illegal actions they have committed!! I’m so sick of democrats!! Other presidents have ask for help from world leaders, but I guess that President Trump is the only one who is wrong in doing so?? Boy, what a crock!! I cannot believe how democrats accuse republicans of wrongdoing when in reality, they themselves are the ones guilty!! I hope all Americans see through this circus and vote every single democrat… Read more »


Sighs and gasps when they didn’t here anything they could use for impeachment you mean.

General Confusion

Which IMMEDIATELY attracted two replies, below.

Way to go, idiots. Now NOBODY can read either reply. Wanna try again?

Lannie Hack

The dems are wasting time and spending our tax dollars stupidly…..this must stop
One way or the other.





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