Sister of Armed Man Killed By Milwaukee Cops Tells Rioters to Burn ‘Sh*t Down’ in the Suburbs

Milwaukee dealt with another outburst of riots last night, as the community responded to the death of Sylville Smith, a black man who was shot by police on Saturday.

Authorities say they have footage of him holding a gun before he was shot, but nonetheless, riots broke out Saturday and Sunday, with officers injured, reporters attacked and multiple counts of property destruction, including the gas station shown below:

Image Credit: Darren Hauck/Getty Images

At a memorial service on Sunday, people called for an end to the violence in the community. As CNN reported:

Sunday evening had initially begun peacefully as residents had gathered to mourn Smith as his family and friends held a candlelight vigil at the site of Saturday’s shooting in a residential area of North Milwaukee. At one point, the crowd chanted “ready for war,” followed by a a chant of “peace, peace, peace.”

Smith’s sister, Sherelle Smith, condemned violence carried out in her brother’s name, saying the community needs those businesses.

“Don’t bring that violence here,” Kimberly Neal, another sister, said, sobbing as she lamented that she would never be able to again hug her brother.

In a news report that ran Monday morning, CNN featured a small snippet of Smith speaking out against destruction of community businesses, which they framed as her calling for peace:

Now here’s a clip CNN didn’t show you:

For those having difficulty hearing the video, she appears to say:

“Burning down sh*t ain’t going to help nothing. Y’all burning down sh*t we need in our community. Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Burn that sh*t down. We need our weave. I don’t wear it, but we need it.”

So for the sake of comparison, CNN framed her as calling for peace:

While she told rioters to “take that sh*t to the suburbs.”

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