While Media Talks Gun Control, Small Okla. Town Just Took School Safety Into Their Own Hands

Rather than focusing on gun control, a school district in the small Oklahoma town of Healdton is taking the issue of school safety into its own hands.

Healdton Public Schools has installed several bulletproof storm shelters inside classrooms in preparation for the worst-case scenario, KOCO-TV reported.

Take a look at the apparatus:


“When tornadoes strike, and Lord help us, when you have an intruder on campus, to know that you have somewhere to go quickly for the safety of your students, it’s very relaxing,” Superintendent Terry Shaw said.

The school district currently has seven bulletproof storm shelters inside its elementary school, two larger shelters in the middle school, and officials are working on building shelters at the local high school.

Melissa Hudson, a mother and the president of the parent-teacher organization for Healdton Public Schools, said it’s upsetting that such precautions are necessary, but she feels safer knowing they have them.

“There will be security in knowing no matter what happens, it will be safe for me to pick them up on that evening,” the mother told KOCO-TV.

The bulletproof shelters are the first of its kind in America’s schools. Time will tell if it will become a trend.

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