Smithsonian Honors Anti-Gun ‘March for Our Lives’ By Comparing Them to the Freedom Riders

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The students behind March For Our Lives were honored by Smithsonian for their activism after the Parkland shooting.

In The Smithsonian Magazine’s December issue, the group of Parkland students who created the March For Our Lives gun control advocacy group were honored. The piece focused on how the students “showed us how to find meaning in tragedy.”

However, some aspects of the feature story were questionable. One comparison that was pointed out by Townhall was that of the Parkland students to the Freedom Riders.

“Instead, founders including Corin, Hogg, Jammal Lemy, and brothers Matt and Ryan ­Deitsch, dreamed up a nationwide bus tour, inspired in part by the 1964 Freedom Summer, when student volunteers fanned out across Mississippi to register African-American voters,” the piece read.

However, although there are similarities to the organization of the tour, it is a stretch to compare the goals of the tours. The Freedom Riders fought against inequality and pushed for every American to be treated the same.

Other problems with the piece included their perspective on activist David Hogg. He has exaggerated and misrepresented claims multiple times, but the piece claimed he was a pro-Second-Amendment activist who has done hours of research.

“Hogg, a policy wonk, researched each community’s demographics and its history of youth voter turnout and mass shootings,” the piece said. “‘It’s not just for speeches,’ Hogg told me. ‘When I talk to people one-on-one, I need to understand the place I’m talking about.'”

In addition to all of these questionable claims, the Smithsonian article also failed to even mention the conservative students who have worked with the nation’s lawmakers to help make schools safer.

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Gun Violence – There are a lot of emotional arguments on both sides, so let’s break down the official numbers from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention):
• There are 32,000 deaths a year from Gun Violence in the USA – 40,100 in car accidents (2017)
• 60% are suicides = 19,200
• 3% are accidental = 960
• 4% are justified = 1,280
• 33% are homicides = 10,560
• However 80% of them are gang related = 8,448.
• That leaves 2,112 in society of 312 million


Another fine institution, funded in large part by our tax dollars, that’s gone partisan.

The Freedom Riders were fighting for their civil rights. The “Marchers” are fighting to suppress a civil right. This is as bad as AOC comparing the invading “caravaners” to Jews escaping the Holocaust. It trivializes them by false eqivalencies.

The arc of history bends towards stupid.


I still read Smithsonian occasionally for the NON-partisan content. Also the pictures, just like Playboy and Penthouse (is that still a thing?)


I would be much less annoyed about this if the conservative kids were not left out.

Sam Dorman

Hogg is a policy wonk? Since when?

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