SNL Was Merciless. Their Target: Republicans Who Won’t (or Can’t) ‘Stand up to Trump’

“Saturday Night Live” built its reputation on a no-holds barred approach to comedy. In decades past, cast members took on Republicans and Democrats.

However, since the 2016 presidential campaign began, there was a definitive shift in SNL broadcasting: ‘no one is safe’ has morphed into ‘no Republican is safe.’

About every week, President Donald Trump is at the center of their onslaught, but Saturday’s show extended the war to every Republican who hasn’t stood up to a president that almost half of America voted for.

The show, which was hosted by actress Octavia Spencer, used one segment to promote a fake movie trailer.

As the trailer begins, scenes of anarchy and destruction flash across the screen as a voiceover calls the United States a “country in chaos.”

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

The “divided nation” is being led by a “president with unchecked power,” and it is waiting for a Republican to put “country over party,” and go against him.

In a Don LaFontaine styled voiceover, the narrator says:

“One Republican decided enough was enough. A patriot who put country over party. Who finally stood up for his nation’s founding values. A man by the name of…TBD.”

A man in a brown overcoat appears on screen, symbolizing the “hero” liberals are waiting for.

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

This “hero” supposedly doesn’t care about re-election and only cares about “doing what’s right.”

Without knowing who is going to seemingly come to their senses, the trailer features all the typical scenes of an action movie but with “TBD” strung in.

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Similar to real movie trailers, movie-goers are shown reviews of the film.

One called it, “a touching tribute to whoever it ends up being about.”

Then Rolling Stone offered their “review”:

“…it’s definitely not about Paul Ryan.”

In a very Balto-esque scene, the trailer ends with Octavia Spencer holding hands with her on-screen granddaughter. As they walk in the park, Spencer describes a statue they see before them:

“That’s the man who stood up to Donald Trump. Looks just like him.”

A clip of the statue shows a man with a square block for a head accompanied by the caption, “close-up head TBD.”

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

While some found the “Courage, Compassion, Country: The TBD Story” trailer “brilliantly brutal,” others called SNL out for not applying the same tactics in the Obama era.

Noticeably absent from Saturday’s show was Alec Baldwin. Despite the direct attack on every Republican in Congress, Donald Trump’s character was no where to be found.

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