Sonogram Captures Pregnant Mom’s Smiling Baby After Her Daughter ‘Convinces’ Her to Come Out of Hiding

Image Credit: Flick CC/Cody

Aimee Fagan was elated with the news that she was expecting her third child with her partner, Shaun Bennett:

Big sisters, six-year-old Macy and three-year-old Mollie, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the family’s newest addition, as well:

During a sonogram appointment, unborn baby girl Bennett seemed to be playing “hide and seek.” But that all changed because of Mollie, who went to the appointment with Aimee.

Aimee shared a photo of the stunning result on Facebook:

Aimee tells the Daily Mail what happened to trigger the amazing ear-to-ear grin:

“I went in for the scan and the baby was hiding at first and wouldn’t let us have a look at her. Eventually, when she did move, my little one Mollie was talking to my bump and the baby just kept smiling.

We wondered if it was because of Mollie and the lady said ‘stop talking for a minute,’ then the baby stopped smiling. As soon as Mollie started speaking again she was just smiling away as if she recognized her.”

Though she’s not even born yet, her photo has her being coined as “Britain’s happiest baby” and the “happiest baby ever“— all thanks to big sister Mollie.

Baby Bennett is due to arrive on January 12, 2017.