‘Sons of Guns’ Star Will Hayden Sentenced to Life in Prison After Raping Two Underage Girls

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Will Hayden, the star of Discovery Channel’s now-canceled “Sons of Guns,” has been officially sentenced to two concurrent life sentences followed by a consecutive 40 years with no eligibility for probation or parole, reports Fox News.

The harsh sentence comes after a conviction of raping two underage girls over the course of two decades.

East Baton Rouge Police Department

In 2014, one of his former employees, Rebecca Ramsey, walked in on Hayden kissing a little girl.

Although that act alone was perverted enough, the report she filed with police about the inappropriate encounter would uncover much, much worse.

According to reports, the 51-year-old had been raping that little girl for a year and six months, starting when she was merely 11 years old in 2013.

After his arrest, investigators found out that she wasn’t his only victim.

When media outlets began spreading the news of Hayden’s incarceration, a 37-year-old woman came forward and revealed that when she was just 12 years old, Hayden also raped her for two years in the early 1990s.


Both the women testified during Hayden’s trial. And in a moment of overwhelming emotion, the now 15-year-old victim reached back for the 37-year-old’s hand and mouthed that it wasn’t the woman’s fault that she was abused as well.

The jury unanimously found Hayden guilty of two counts of aggravated rape and one count of forcible rape after just one hour of deliberation, according to The Advocate.

In addition to his recent conviction, Hayden is also charged with aggravated incest of his oldest daughter, Stephanie — who also appeared on “Sons of Guns.”

In 2014, she sat down with “Dr. Phil” and revealed that at 12 years old, her father came into her bedroom when he was drunk one night and began to pinch and kiss her while trying to take her clothes off.

However, Stephanie said she was able to escape:

“He continued to proceed to kiss on my chest. Once that happened I jumped back and he just left and he never touched me again like that.”

Hayden is still awaiting trial for the incest charge. Thankfully for his victims, he’ll be waiting in prison.

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