A Speaker Poses A Simple Question to the Room. She Immediately Knows Her Wedding Ring Has to Go.

“What is in my hand that I can use to change the world around me?”

Those words changed Ali Eastburn’s life forever. When she heard them, she knew in that moment she needed to sell her engagement ring valued at $20,000 to help others.

At a young age, Ali began to associate material things with love. She admits to spending, “years and years of me looking for stuff to fill this deepening hole in my heart.” These years turned into debt and living paycheck to paycheck.

Selling a wedding ring is a deeply personal decision that might not be right for everyone. For Ali, the ring was a symbol of overreaching beyond her means to fill a void. When she let go of her ring, she let go of the emotional bond of the past of associating things with love.

Ali with her husband, Ken, and their three sons.

via Facebook / Ali Eastburn

Ali now heads her non-profit organization, With This Ring, that helps bring clean water to places in Central America and Africa by digging wells.

“By taking off the masks — the things we wear to look a certain way and trying to have certain things so we can look like everybody else. If we are willing to be vulnerable, I think people will see is the real beauty.”


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