Spicer: Reporters Follow ‘Clickbait Mentality,’ Not Concerned With Truth

While appearing on Fox News’s “Hannity,” former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer castigated the media and told host Sean Hannity that most of the reporters who attended his briefings weren’t interested in facts.

Spicer decried the “clickbait mentality” that existed within the Washington D.C. media “bubble.” Most reporters, Spicer said on Friday, were “more interested in their clip or their click than they are about the truth or the facts.”

Not all reporters were like that, Spicer qualified, but the majority weren’t interested in the truth.

“The majority of folks that are now in the briefing room — that are going into journalism — they’re not there for the facts or the pursuit of the truth. Rather, they’re trying to figure out ‘How do I get on TV?’ or ‘How do I become a YouTube star?’ And that’s disappointing,” Spicer said.

Ordinary Americans, Spicer said, weren’t trapped in the “pack mentality” of the Washington bubble and cared about issues other than what most reporters in the bubble cared about.

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