‘Our Message Was There’: ‘Squash Amash’ Rally Organizer Is Confident Impressive Turnout Stuck It to Him

The organizers of the “Squash Amash” rally believe they got their message across, boasting of “over 300 people” in attendance at the afternoon event to protest Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.).

The Michigan Trump Republicans held their “Squash Amash” rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Friday to protest against the congressman over his calls to impeach President Donald Trump — the only Republican to back the idea thus far.

Speaking with IJR Red on Saturday, Michigan Trump Republicans co-founder Diane Schindelbeck reflected upon the event, saying the group “knew” their message was not only present but loud and clear.

“I believe our message was there,” said Schindelbeck. “And we knew it was. People were demanding that we do something about Justin Amash, and I think we accomplished that.”

The last time Schindelbeck spoke to IJR Red about the rally, she indicated its goal was to let Amash know “he is not representing the voter base” in his state — which Trump won in the 2016 presidential election — or his district and, she shared how the Michigan Trump Republicans had hoped to “get 30 to 50 people” to come out.

The rally’s attendance numbers exceeded those expectations though, with the group’s co-founder telling IJR Red, “We had over 300 people show up in support of our president.”

Check out some of the scenes from the rally:

The Michigan Trump Republicans co-founder also noted that they had “about a dozen” birthday parties for the president “throughout the state” after the conclusion of the “Squash Amash” rally.

“It was a day of celebrating America First policy,” added Schindelbeck. “It was wonderful.”

As IJR Red previously reported, attendees at the rally took a break from protesting the Michigan congressman to join together and sing the president “Happy Birthday” as he turned 73 years old.

Schindelbeck went on to say that she and her organization believe the president will win Michigan in the 2020 presidential election “by a landslide” and added that the group will be working “very strongly” to have “legislators in place that will support the president’s agenda.”

Amash’s office has not yet responded to IJR Red’s request for comment about the rally.


  1. Trump is a bad person, a terrible human being and a traitor to our country. I you are so stupid to be advocating for his evilness, you are the problem. You are telling the world that you are a mirror of what he is. Pity you.

    1. Well, get ready for FOUR MORE YEARS in 2020, snowflake!

  2. A obvious question of the “Smash Amash” participants would be “Would you be in favor of impeachment hearings if the POTUS’s actions outlined in the Mueller Report were Obama or Clinton?” What is Schindelbeck’s understanding of Trump’s agenda for 2021-2024? If he plans to keep his promise to eliminate the debt in 8 yrs, he will need to do a massive amount of cutting in the next 4 years. What does she see Trump doing to swing a 55% disapproval rating in Michigan to a 55% approval rating he would need for her anticipated “landslide”? Or is she counting on Russian interference in the 2020 election in Michigan?

    1. Trump’s agenda for 2021-24 only needs to be keeping a nutbag progressive socialist out of the White House and fix the immigration mess the Dems have created. Those would be HUGE accomplishments!

  3. I hope there will be the largest landslide in history for Trump. A man who loves our country and the people in it.
    Who stands by what he says and promises. A rare trait in a leader of our times.

    1. In what reality is Mexico paying for the wall? You perceive the corporate carried interest is gone? Sorry it’s not. The $2T addition to the deficit indicates his tax cuts did not pay for themselves. After seeing the results, you still believe the tax reform was a “middle class tax cut”? Did you ever see his replacement for Obamacare plan that “covered everyone and cost less”—Congress did not see it. Where is Coal King again? —more coal-fired power plants have closed in Trump’s first 2 yrs than Obama’s 8 yrs. If Trump “acts presidential” by reading from the teleprompter, he gets rewarded by his staff with a FOX interview or campaign rally and steps all over his “presidential act.” HOW can you believe Trump “Drained the Swamp” when there has been corruption in the Trump Cabinet than any in my lifetime? –Flynn, Price, Zinke, Pruitt, DeVos, Bernhardt, Acosta, Mills, Icahan, Kushner, Conway were not Obama holdovers. Before Trump, we had a sexual harasser on the SCOTUS, now we have a sexual harasser AND a sexual assaulter. We have 2 federally INDICTED sitting US Reps re-elected to the the House with Trump’s endorsement. We have had THREE known RNC treasury committee leaders indicted–Cohen, Wynn, Broidy. If that is draining the swamp, how did so many corrupt individuals get there under Trump?

      1. I would gladly help pay for that wall out of my share of taxes. I really don’t care who pays for it, as long as it gets built. The open border policies of Democrats will destroy this country. Coal plants are closing in part because of the effect Obama’s anti-coal policies had on the industry in the previous eight years AND because natural gas is quickly becoming the fuel of choice for industry. In the last two years, Trump’s rollback of Obama’s energy policies have ushered in a resurgence of natural gas extraction and delivery infrastructure, particularly in Texas. That’s how it works in the private sector: Take off the handcuffs and industry will flourish. It’s a difficult concept for brainwashed liberals to grasp.

  4. Keep on until Amash is out of office and make him a one term politician !!!!!

    1. I hope not. Amash is very courageous in telling the world the truth. We all agree with him and want this traitor, cheater, racist Trump to be impeached. Got elected with Russian help and is already calling forign countries to help him. He only wins by cheating.

      1. Who is this “we” and “all”?

        You’re disagreeing with Frank, so clearly your “we” does not include him and your “all” is an exaggeration. My but you’re stupid.

        Isn’t there a sky you scream at?

  5. Perfect response to a genuine RINO. Of course, Amash didn’t respond to IJR. What in the world could he say?

    1. Apparently you missed what he said at his town hall that got him a standing ovation. Is a RINO a Republican that has railed against the national deficit during a time of economic meltdown in 2009 and remains silent on adding $2 trillion to the debt in economic times they describe as excellent? Is a RINO a Republican that has ONE standard for all POTUS? That would be Amash.

      1. So what standard do you use for Dimocrats who spend like drunken Congress critters?

        Tell the whole truth. NO administration has reduced the deficit since Andrew Jackson.

  6. Amash is one of the very few congresscritters who fights for liberty. It’s a shame that Michigan’s Trumpletons can’t see that.

  7. Justin Amash has ceased tp represent his constituency. It’s too bad that more constituencies do no take this initiative and seize the public platform.

    Vote. Let those elected know that we the people hold power.

    1. How do you explain the standing ovation for Amash in his townhall? I am impressed that Republicans that believe in fiscal discipline, personal responsibility, family values and law & order still exist, even if it is just ONE district in Michigan. WHAT is it that the Trump R’s believe in now?

      1. Because those Town Halls are being stacked with leftist liberals coordinated by MoveOn.org. I know. I get the email notifications. It’s all about appearance and media sound bites to leftists, and they’re pretty good at media manipulation. So, what happened in 2016 when all the polls gave Clinton a sure win? All the ‘impressions’ and lies couldn’t stand up to the truth that Trump ran a smarter campaign, reaching into the heart of middle America. You liberals still can’t accept that he won – legally.

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