Stacey Abrams Promises She Isn’t Going Away After Loss: ‘I Do Indeed Intend to Run for Office Again’

Stacey Abrams
Amr Alfiky/File Photo/Reuters

Stacey Abrams conceded in the hard-fought and controversial Georgia gubernatorial race, but she’s not going away anytime soon.

“I’m going to spend the next year as a private citizen but I do indeed intend to run for office again,” she said on CNN Sunday. “I’m not sure for what and I’m not exactly certain when. I need to take a nap, but one I do I’m planning to get back in the ring.”

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Abrams’ attempt at being America’s first African American woman governor was eventually thwarted by Republican Brian Kemp, who served as Georgia secretary of state until the week of the election.

Kemp’s position put him in charge of the election he was running in, which Abrams believe led to an unfair advantage. Abrams also accused Kemp of voter suppression after reports revealed Kemp had purged voter roles that included mostly African Americans.

Abrams said on Sunday she was fine with governments managing clean voting rolls, but that she disagreed with the “vigor” and “mismanagement” in which Kemp did so.

“He removed voters who were eligible,” she claimed. “He also denied access to 3,000 new citizens who should’ve been added to the rolls but he prevented them from being able to vote. And the larger issue is this trust in our democracy relies on believing there are good actors who are making this happen and he was a horrible actor who benefitted from his perfidy — that’s problematic.”

Watch the interview below:

So while Abrams accepts her defeat, it’s with a grain of salt and a belief that it could’ve swung the other way if her opponent didn’t have authority in the process.

Her fight isn’t completely over. Abrams is filing a lawsuit arguing against Georgia’s “exact match” voter ID law, claiming it disproportionally affects black voters. She also is promising to start a new organization called, Fair Fight Georgia that advocates for voter rights.

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Rocky Drummond

“entity of no-accomplishment”?

She had been an entrepreneur, politician, lawyer and novelist who served as Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives from 2011 to 2017 and she lost out on becoming the first black female state governor because of election meddling by her opponent, but I guess that doesn’t meet your standards of accomplishment.


Hmm. Is it too much ask that biometric scans, like a thumbprint, be part of registration? Even MEXICO does so.

Abrams is an entity of no-accomplishment. Being black or a woman should NEVER be qualifications for state office and only racists and sexists would believe so.

Michelle Wolf

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