Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams Says She Is Considering White House Run

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams, a rising party star who narrowly fell short of becoming the first female African American governor last year, said on Thursday she is still considering running for president.

In an interview on “Pod Save America” with Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior adviser to former Democratic U.S. President Barack Obama, Abrams was asked whether she is considering joining the huge field of Democratic presidential candidates. She replied: “Yes.”

If Abrams does join the 2020 race, she will add to a field that currently numbers 22 Democrats trying to become the nominee to take on Republican President Donald Trump in next November’s election.

Abrams, 45, the former Georgia House minority leader, narrowly lost the Georgia governor’s race last year against Republican Brian Kemp. She demonstrated how an African American could compete in a Southern state that has voted reliably Republican at a state level in recent years.

Abrams was chosen by Democratic leaders in February to deliver the party’s response to Trump’s State of the Union address.

Last month she ruled out running for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia.

(Reporting by Tim Reid; Editing by James Dalgleish)


  1. I’m running behind on my reading but had to post to this anyway. I don’t call losing by 50,000 a narrow loss. The problem with Abrams is that Obama and Oprah went down to Georgia to appear on her behalf and this gave her the idea she was entitled to win. Her refusal to accept her loss would keep me from ever voting for her in the future. An Obama she is NOT!

  2. I wonder when Andrew Gillum, failed demoncrap candidate for FL governor, will declare he is running for president in 2020?

    1. No, it is going to be a waste of money on the part of demoncraps.

  3. More PROOF the demonRats are Mentally Incompetent. Her statement is like someone going out and spending 100k for a new car but they don’t have a license !!! Insanity at its best !!!

  4. Let’s see. You could not get elected to be the Chief Executive of your State. So, yeah. Sounds like a wise choice to run for President. Please.

    1. Lots of losers on the Dim side are running. Will be fun to watch!

  5. I believe that many or most of the Democrats running for President are doing so just to further their careers and develop visibility in the National political scene. How else can they get their names out there into the Facebook Twitter world?

  6. Ms Abrams, a woman smart enough to realize she shouldn’t run for Senate at this time, is hopefully not vain enough to believe she should run for President in 2020.

    1. Morte you are letting me down 🙁

      Abrams has the three things most important to run for president. She is black, has a vagina (assumption on my part), and was a senior adviser to Obozo. The fact that she couldn’t even get the voters in her own state to elect her is of no importance.

  7. Seems like a logical move. IF the people don’t want you as their Governor; run for President. Appears there will be dual wheels needed on the clown car. She’d better hurry. There are other losers waiting in line for Trump to demolish.

    1. At the rate that demoncraps are jumping into the run for the presidency it is not going to be a “clown car” it is going to be a circus train.

      1. (cont)
        Then came the circus so I followed it’s parade
        With all the fancy lion tamers, high-wire fiery flamers
        Ravers of every kind
        I saw those high-stepping sexy witches
        Sons of satin, sons of bitches
        (Dreams – Grace Slick)

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