Starbucks Manager Who Was Fired for Calling Cops on Two Black Men Nows Claims She Was Discriminated Against

REUTERS/Mike Blake

A former regional manager for Starbucks is suing the company saying she was discriminated against.

Shannon Phillips was fired last year after she called the police two remove to black men who were sitting in her store without making a purchase.

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were arrested and taken out of the store by police in handcuffs after they refused to leave. The pair said they were waiting for a third person to arrive for a business meeting.

The incident was caught on video and quickly spread across social media leading to massive outrage and allegations that the manager’s decision to call the police was motivated by racism.

Phillips was fired a month later, and Starbucks held bias training for its employees across the country.

Now Phillips, who patrons of her store described as a “social justice warrior,” says the company fired her to convince people that it was taking the incident seriously and responding correctly, according to court documents obtained by CBS 3 in Philadelphia.

Phillips says she was fired after she defended a white store manager against allegations of racial discrimination and that the company discriminates against white employees, according to her lawsuit.

Starbucks denied Phillips’ claim saying that they are ready to fight her lawsuit in court.

Earlier this year, the coffee chain came under fire after six police officers were asked to leave a store in Arizona on the fourth of July.

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William Conley

So why couldn’t they just order something instead of escalation the situation? The third person showed up like ten minutes later wtf were they waiting on? You couldn’t order a hot chocolate or some fruity coffee just one while waiting? I’d ask anyone just hanging out in my store not buying a damn thing to buy something or leave, and it would have absolutely nothing to do with anything beyond the fact they are loitering.

Michael Bankston
Michael Bankston

There were times when I dine out with someone and arrive first. If so, I tell the staff that I’ll wait for the other party before I order. Did these two gentlemen inform the restaurant staff that they were waiting on someone?


The manager is another sacrifice to political correctness. Had the two NOT-customers been white no one would have said a word. Black privilege strikes again. Once upon a time there was this thing called LOITERING. It was not race-based but simple business common sense especially in a busy, high-traffic venue like Starbucks. The two persons, out of courtesy, should have at least made a purchase. As persons who “claimed” to be intent on business they should understand this. They could have met any number of other places NOT businesses. The library, a park, or other non-private and PUBLIC venues.


Did a person ever show up for the business meeting? She should add gender discrimination to her lawsuit.


Well, they did resist the officers. I don’t think that racism had anything to do with it. Starbucks?! Who waits around if you don’t even order a pumpkin-spiced latte?





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