US State Department Recalls Furloughed Employees Amid Shutdown

Joshua Roberts/File Photo/Reuters

The U.S. State Department said on Thursday it was calling its furloughed employees back to work next week as it takes steps to pay salaries despite a partial shutdown of the government.

“As a national security agency, it is imperative that the Department of State carries out its mission,” Deputy Under Secretary of State Bill Todd said in a statement posted on the department’s website. “We are best positioned to do so with fully staffed embassies, consulates and domestic offices.”

Todd said the department’s employees would be paid on Feb. 14 for work performed beginning on or after this coming Sunday. The department would review its available funds and “legal authorities” beyond the upcoming pay period to try to cover future payments, he said.

“Although most personnel operations can resume, bureaus and posts are expected to adhere to strict budget constraints with regard to new spending for contracts, travel, and other needs” given a lapse in congressionally appropriated funds, Todd added.

About one quarter of federal agencies have been shuttered since Dec. 22, with Democratic lawmakers refusing to accede to President Donald Trump’s demands to pay for a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.

Trump is holding out for $5.7 billion for a border wall. Democrats, who took over the U.S. House Representatives this month, have rejected his demands, saying there are cheaper, more effective ways of enhancing border security.

(Reporting by Tim Ahmann; editing by David Alexander and James Dalgleish)

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Ed Cane

.tax payers to pay higher premiums for crappy coverage; they should have mandates and caps on hospital charges, big pharma, medical supplies, insurance premiums etc… Their idea for reeming out our butts for every penny they can get was an awful idea. Obama care sucked.

Ed Cane

People are trying to find where he’s approving Socialized medicine. That’s not at all what he’s doing.
Those doctors get paid squat. They will gladly perform procedures well under the market price to make money. So while you’re trying to say he’s approving it, he’s actually just doing what thousands of Americans are already doing and that is taking advantage of their underpaid professionals. They want and need the money. He saves money. No harm no foul. Instead of the government mandate for

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