Stay Classy: Watch the President Who Ran on Hope and Change Blatantly Insult Republicans

During a trip to Michigan on Wednesday to push for an increase in the minimum raise, Barack Obama apparently went off-teleprompter and suggested that if a sandwich were to be named after Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, “stinkburger” would be appropriate. Or “meanwich.”

Obama had visited a deli in Ann Arbor earlier in the day, where he got the idea to offer up this beaut:

“If they tried to sell this sandwich at Zingerman’s they’d have to call it the Stinkburger or the Meanwich.”


Republicans, by the way, are not fighting for the lower median incomes and higher levels of poverty Obama has achieved during his term, they actually want to implement policies that create jobs and catalyze prosperity. They also find it impossible to support an idea that leaves 30 million uninsured while ripping insurance away from 5 million.

But hey, they’re just fighting for the rich, right?

Furthermore, Ryan says his budget would cut $5.1 trillion in government spending over the next 10 years and that it would balance over the same period; something an Obama budget proposal has never done.

Obama signaled once again that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 will be a cornerstone of the Democrats’ campaign strategy ahead of this year’s midterms, which the CBO predicts would cost 500,000 jobs. Yes, you’re reading that correctly, Barack Obama and the Democrats are fighting for something that will cause 500,000 people to lose their jobs.

As for his silly reference to “stinkburgers” and “meanwiches,” mocking Republicans before adoring crowds is nothing new for this president.

Like the time in 2011 when he stood at the Mexican border and ridiculed Republicans who called for enforcement of existing immigration laws: “Maybe they’ll need a moat. Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat.”

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