With No Apparent Evidence, White House Press Secretary Claims Obama Staff Left ‘You Will Fail’ Notes

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham told reporters that aides to former President Barack Obama left “you will fail” notes around the White House.

The startling claim was made on Tuesday morning, according to CNN political correspondent Abby Phillip.

“We came into the White House, I’ll tell you something,” Grisham said. “Every office was filled with Obama books and we had notes left behind that said ‘you will fail,’ ‘you aren’t going to make it.'”

Immediately, her comments received pushback from former Obama aides who characterized the story as an absurd lie.

“This is another bald faced lie,” former national security advisor Susan Rice said.

Jon Wolfsthal, the former senior director of the National Security Council, said it was “shameless and disgusting” and that Grisham should be fired.

Valerie Jarret, a senior advisor to Obama, insisted Grisham “produce the notes that back this up” and said the Obama team “tried to help facilitate a smooth and orderly transition just as President Bush and his team had done for us.” She also shared a picture of her empty office on her last day with no “Obama books” or mean notes, and said Grisham should ask White House advisor Kellyanne Conway how Jarret treated her.

As the story exploded, Grisham issued a statement clarifying her comments but also doubling down on the claim.

“I’m not sure where their offices were, and certainly wasn’t implying every office had that issue,” Grisham said. “In fact, I had a lovely note left for me in the East Wing, and I tracked the woman down and thanked her. I was talking specifically (and honestly) about our experience in the lower press office — nowhere else. I don’t know why everyone is so sensitive!”

Other Obama staffers were even less cordial about the claims, quipping that if Trump’s team had actually read the notes that were left behind they wouldn’t be so incompetent at their jobs.

Grisham has not brought forward any evidence to back up what she said, and several D.C. beat reporters expressed their doubts, too.

“It is a little strange they weren’t leaked given everything else leaked in the first six months,” Axios reporter Jonathan Swan said. “I’d like to see them.”


  1. At the same time, the whistleblower is protected constitutionally. Some yellow post-it notes? OOH!: some such underhanded spy-work. Dang if one of those fell under the desk. Who’s the next to get fired….C’mon, Repubs, if you have an intellectual argument, give it already!

  2. I remember Kal Penn and two other dem–wits holding a press conference on their way out, it wasn’t nice or respectable. Strange how violent, foul-mouth liberals demand respect. ?
    They’ve deleted it but I was extending my middle finger emoji.

  3. When the Clinton administration came into office, they declared that”They were the scholarship fund replacing the trust fund.” Mighty elitist of them. Fact.

  4. When Clinton left office, the Clinton staffers removed the “W’s” from the keyboards. Childish, and, illegal destruction of government property. That is a fact. Unlike this hearsay.

  5. If this claim were made by a dem press sec regarding departing rep staff the MSM would be all over it instead of the “with no proof”. They’d be screaming from the rooftops “how dare they”.

  6. Do I believe the Democrats are so petty they would do something as childish as leave notes harassing the incoming administration? Yes…. These are the same people who removed all the “Ws” from the keyboards in the White House when George W Bush took over in 2001.

  7. And the Clinton’s didn’t steal the furniture when they left either ?

    1. They didn’t. There was a disagreement over them keeping certain gifts received while in office and they gave them up.

      If this sort of thing actually bothers you, you need to give the current orange monster in the Oval Office THE SAME scrutiny when he leaves in mid-January 2021.

  8. Yet they won’t expect the whistleblowers claims to have any credible evidence, or even allow Trump his constitutional right of facing his accuser. They ran with the Russian collusion BS before having a shred of evidence, and when they were disproven they still are trying to roll with it.

    1. You get to get away with that. The Democratic Party is NOT the fascist party. That honor is owned totally by what used to be our Republican Party.

  9. Jarrett… says the woman who stood on stage after Obama’s reelection stating , “Those who support us will be rewarded and those against us, It’s payback time”. Doesn’t sound like a administration to keen on representing “All Americans”, only those in her party or ideology. Did anyone remember seeing the pics of the Obama admin standing outside the WH the last day, all frowns and tears. Yet I’m sure they was all a ball of sunshine during the switch. This type of stuff is typical mo of the Democrats so easy to to suspect there is truth to it.

  10. And I would send obama a few……like, you will HANG for ALL your TREASONIST crimes against this country!!!

  11. Well let’s see, Susan Rice said this never happened—-she has zero credibility. Jarrett likewise—another clown full of hatred for America. Jim Acosta takes Barry’s side—-I trust him as much as I could drain the ocean with a teaspoon. I have no reason not to trust Stephanie Grisham. Barry—-the infamous middle finger throwing classless clown, certainly seems capable of this childish act. If I were one to place a wager, I’d put mine on “yes” O vomit’s staff probably did do this as Stephanie describes. I could imagine this being one of Hussein’s ideas (but that may be giving that idiot too much credit).

  12. Gee, “With no apparent evidence…” the media, Democrats, former Obama aides and liberals are discounting her claims. Yet these same naysayers aides are okay with holding impeachment hearings on hearsay and unconfirmed accusations. Talk about double standards.

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