Hero Who Stopped Texas Church Shooter Has a Measure for Assessing Trump — His Kids

Stephen Willeford, who subdued the suspected Sutherland Springs church shooter, told President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., he measures the president’s character by his children. 

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During the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention, Willeford, who is a proud gun owner, had the opportunity to meet Trump Jr.

After the two shook hands, Trump Jr. told Willeford it was a “pleasure” and called him a “good guy with a gun.”

Despite being at a firearms convention and a proud gun owner himself, Willeford’s first comment to the president’s son wasn’t about firearms, it was about his father’s character. 

Watch the video below:  

“I’ve heard one thing about Donald Trump over and over again,” he began. “You know a man — how good a guy he is — by his kids.” 

Trump Jr., who previously was all smiles, seemed to take on a more serious, focused, demeanor as Willeford continued: 

“Everybody that I’ve ever heard speak of President Trump’s family — you kids are great. I’ve heard that you’re all honorable men and women and that’s impressive.”  

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Trump’s oldest son expressed his gratitude for the compliment and Willeford also told him, “I’m honored to meet you and it was a great honor to meet your father.” 

The church shooting hero isn’t the only one to see Trump’s kids as a positive reflection of the president and part of his popularity in China has been attributed to his children. 

Rachel Larue/Wikimedia

While some in America see his kids’ work within his business as a negative, Zhan Jiang of Beijing Foreign Studies University explained that the Chinese “value these family connections.” 

The measure of Chinese parents is also largely based on the success of their children and China Education Daily previously wrote on its social media account that his kids being “excellent” mean “he is a very successful father.” 

It seems, that for some, Trump’s unconventional family is a negative, however, for others, his kids only positively amplify their perception of him. 

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