Steve Bannon Held a Very Sad Rally With 25 People at a Kansas Holiday Inn Express

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

After leaving the Trump White House and being ousted from Breitbart News, Steve Bannon seems to be struggling to maintain the high profile he enjoyed in the heyday of the Trump campaign.

Sherman Smith, the managing editor of the Topeka Capital-Journal, captured a snapshot of those struggles in a Tuesday Twitter thread from one of Bannon’s latest appearance.

Bannon was slated to appear as part of something called a “RED TIDE RISING RALLY,” but that tide seemed to have dwindled inside a Kansas Holiday Inn Express.

Smith shared photos of the sparse crowd inside the venue:

And a picture of a smiling and slightly disheveled Bannon sporting his signature double button-down shirts:

In his dispatch from the event, Smith reported that Bannon even called himself “sloppy Steve,” a reference to the nickname his former boss bestowed upon him after a very public falling out that later saw him ousted from the helm of Breitbart News.

Trump lashed out at Bannon in January for speaking with “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff:

But Bannon’s trip to Kansas did seem to accomplish one thing — giving more ammo to Democrats in the state. Christopher Reeves, a Kansas DNC representative gave a sharp rebuke of Bannon to the Capital-Journal:

“Steve Bannon was worshiped and publicly praised by the American Nazi Party, David Duke and others. He once said feminism is worse than cancer. He was fired from the Trump administration for being too radical. It is clear what he believes about Steve Watkins and Kris Kobach, and that support is pretty troubling.”

All in all, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported about 25 attendees at the event just days ahead of the midterms — but that number included organizers and a documentary crew following Bannon.

It’s safe to say Bannon doesn’t quite have the pull with Trump’s base that he once held.

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