Steve Carell Is Taking on Trump’s Space Force in an Upcoming Netflix Comedy

Steve Carell is returning to his roots with a new workplace comedy show, but instead of playing the regional manager of a paper supplier based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, he’ll be joining the Space Force.

Netflix teased the show with a video on Wednesday pointing to President Donald Trump’s June announcement of the creation of a so-called “Space Force” as an additional branch of the United States military.

“The goal of the new branch is ‘to defend satellites from attack’ and ‘perform other space-related tasks,'” an on-screen note reads, “or something.”

According to the announcement, Carrell is billed as a co-creator of the series with “The Office” collaborator Greg Daniels. The actor will also star in the show that appears to simply be titled “Space Force.”

Watch the teaser for “Space Force” below, via Netflix:

Deadline reports that Daniels will serve as both showrunner and executive producer, while Howard Klein, who also worked on “The Office,” will serve as another executive producer.

Not much else is known about the new comedy, but the cryptic announcement quickly garnered reactions across social media:

And there were plenty of references to “The Office”:

But fans of Carell and “The Office” might have to wait some time. The Netflix teaser doesn’t specify any premiere date for the internet streaming giant’s latest original endeavor, only revealing that the program is “coming soon.”