Steve King’s Official Website Still Lists the Committee Assignments He Lost Nearly Two Months Ago

Steve King
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Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) was removed from his committee assignments on January 14 after telling the New York Times that he doesn’t understand why the term “white supremacist” was offensive. But, nearly two months later, King’s official House website still lists him as sitting on three committees. In reality, of course, he sits on none.

Here’s a screenshot from King’s website, taken on Friday:

Steve King’s government website.

The lawmaker is still trying to get his committee assignments back. He put out a letter in February signed by 200 supporters urging House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to re-instate his assignments.

When asked last month if they were going to keep his former committee assignments listed on his website, King’s office asked why it was “relevant” before saying that they had no plans to accurately update the website.

IJR reached out to King’s office for comment on Friday but did not hear back at the time of publication.

McCarthy’s office has said that the Iowa lawmaker isn’t getting back on the committees. After King’s latest push, the leader’s office told The Hill “leader McCarthy does not have any plans to change his mind regarding Rep. King not receiving committee assignments.”

Of course, King — who has a long history of making racist remarks — hasn’t been very successful at slowing down on the racism. Just a few days ago, he promoted a white nationalist on his Twitter feed. And leaked chats from a white nationalist organization showed that they’re actively trying to keep King in office.

The Iowa lawmaker’s latest stunt is trying to prove that the New York Times made up the quotes in their article. As evidence, he’s offering research by right-wing provocateurs Diamond & Silk.

And, of course, King has pulled this stunt before. When The Weekly Standard caught King comparing immigrants to “dirt” he accused them of falsifying the quotes. Then the magazine released the audio.

King barely pulled out a win in 2018, beating Democrat J.D. Scholten by just over three percent of the vote.

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