Scalise Puts His Foot Down and Demands Democrats Apologize to Americans After Mueller Report Release

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Following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller‘s report to the public on Thursday, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) sounded off on congressional Democrats and demanded that they apologize to the American people for “misleading them” throughout the investigation.

While Attorney General William Barr defended the president by claiming there was no obstruction of justice, Democrats were quick to pounce, labeling Barr’s handling of the report as “regrettably partisan,” according to a joint statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

“His slanted March 24 summary letter, his irresponsible testimony before Congress last week, and his indefensible plan to spin the report in a press conference later this morning – hours before he allows the public or Congress to see it – have resulted in a crisis of confidence in his independence and impartiality,” the two wrote.

Additionally, the two top Democratic leaders called for Mueller to publicly testify in the House and Senate “as soon as possible,” as IJR Blue reported.

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This kind of response has House Minority Whip Scalise putting his foot down and demanding that Democrats apologize to the American people now.

He noted in a press release that two things that are “abundantly clear” with the Mueller findings:

  • “There was no collusion with Russia, and
  • There was no obstruction of justice.”

The Republican lawmaker praised Barr’s decision to make the report available for all to see so that there is “no longer any doubt: there was no collusion with the Trump campaign.”

He continued:

Democrats who have been running around for the last two years making outlandish claims about the President and his family ought to apologize to the American people for misleading them and the press about this smear campaign. While Washington Democrats hoped for the special counsel to deliver a collusion conclusion, this report instead delivered a death blow to their baseless conspiracy theories.

During Barr’s earlier press conference, the attorney general said the Russian government tried to interfere in the election process “but thanks to the special counsel’s thorough investigation, we now know that the Russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of President Trump or the Trump campaign.”

See his comments below:

Scalise called for Pelosi and other congressional Democrats to “stop harassing” Trump and his family and instead start dealing with issues that the American people face.

Read his full statement below:

As IJR Red reported, Trump seemingly claimed victory over what he’s previously deemed a “witch hunt” when he said at the White House’s Wounded Warriors event on Thursday that he’s having a “good day.”

He added that this “should never happen to another president ever again, this hoax.”

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Phyllis Softa

Did Scalise tweet his request BEFORE Trump started his twitter tirade accusing the Mueller report of “It’s Bullsh-t”? I don’t get the idea Scalise tweeted before he read it. To quote Senator Romney, He was “sickened” “appalled” and cited the details of the report as “a sobering revelation for how far we have strayed from the aspirations and principles of the founders.” An apology from Trump would be more appropriate.

Joz Lee

Nancy, YOU should gather everyone to be ” gathered in this great chamber”

and publically APOLOGIZE!

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